Teen Wolf 4.09 Review: ”Perishable”


”Perishable” is without doubt one of the most nerve wrecking episodes of Teen Wolf  because you didn’t know if everyone was going to make it out alive or not and it made you, overall, extremely stressed out (in a good way though).

The A-story was obviously about the further mystery that is Deputy Parrish who we learned a few episodes, is something supernatural-y and within the first 4 minutes of the episode, he became an even bigger mystery. The only thing we know now about his super-side is that he can’t be burned to death and that somehow he has a very strong skin.

When it was first revealed that his name was on the Deadpool, it wasn’t really a shocker because there had to be a reason why this cute deputy was being in featured in so many episodes. It’s beyond me what Parrish is, but I have a feeling that somehow he is going to be a key player in order to take down The Benefactor whose identity we will get to in a bit.

I love how Teen Wolf is able to make things in everyday life, somehow dangerous for our werewolves on the show and this week it was all about the music. It was cool how the writers tricked (in a good way) its viewers, making us think that Liam and Malia were getting drunk for real because of what they were drinking. But when it was revealed that it was actually the music, it was sort of a jaw-dropper (a tiny one though).

Have you noticed that Holland Roden is a very good narrator? Throughout the flashbacks about her grandmother, I noticed that she has a great narrating voice, especially because she allowed her emotional reaction to be part of it as well.

Lydia was in general very well used here and even though she is still a big question mark in my head, this has her been her strongest season so far because she is absolutely learning more about herself and getting more in control. You can really feel the absence of the “I don’t know. I’m not sure”-Lydia which is a great feeling because it gets annoying at some point when a main character isn’t aware of anything.

Let’s talk about the big elephant in the room which is The Benefactor’s true identity: Meredith Walker. I didn’t see this coming at all and that’s a huge credit to Jeff Davis and his writing team for being able to fool their viewers by taking a minor character and make her The Benefactor.

The question that struck us the minute she walked in and revealed herself as The Benefactor was that has her insane behavior just been an act this whole time? Because based on that final scene, it seemed that she was very much in control of herself and it would make sense if she had tricked every single person in her life. I can’t wait to see what else she will do, now that her true identity has been revealed.

Overall, “Perishable” was a phenomenal episode, even though we didn’t learn a lot more about Parrish’s supernatural side, they did take a huge step forwards by having him go through the things at the beginning of the episode, but the biggest reveal was obviously Meredith as The Benefactor. Only three episodes remaining!

For all the Teen Wolf fans out there: this Sunday (August 24), MTV will be airing a brand new episode of the show at 7/6c before the MTV Video Music Awards and it’s titled “Monstrous” so make sure to not miss it!

Teen Wolf airs Monday nights, 10/9c on MTV.

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