Teen Wolf 4.11 Review: A Promise to the Dead

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The only two words that can used to describe last night’s episode of Teen Wolf are “Messed” as well as “Up”.

Liam’s fear/PTSD situation with the Berserkers is 100% understandable, but at the same it also makes me so excited to see him overcome his fear at some point. I loved his scenes with Mason (who needs to be promoted to series regular for season 5) who has really been a great addition to the show this season.

Although there is one thing that I don’t like with the writing for his character and this is that he, just like Danny (who has been absent 100% this season, sadly), is being kept in the dark about what Liam is. Can’t we just skip that part of the relationship and have him know what Liam actually is?

A lot of fans of Teen Wolf may hate me for saying this, but after seeing an almost complete season of Scott and Kira together, I have to say that I have loved seeing these two together more than I ever did when Scott was with Alison. There is just something magical about the character of Kira and it’s all because of the great writing and the amazing performances that Arden Cho gives every time she is on screen that make her such a fantastic character.

Don’t get me wrong, I will always love the Scott/Alison relationship for what it was because of the beautiful chemistry that Tyler Posey and Crystal Reed had together, but I’m just a bit more into the one that Cho and Posey have together. The scene they had together at Derek’s loft (before Kate and that one Berserker came in and ruined it all) was so adorable that I’m almost furious at Kate for ruining it all. Can’t these two sweet teenagers just get a break for once? Not in Beacon Hill, they can’t.

I have been speculating this whole season that Chris Argent has had this sort of death wish ever since he came back and it was good to finally see him express his sadness since he lost his daughter. There is just something with the way he cries that made me cry and the one wish I have for his character when season 4 is over is that he will actually start to get some happiness.

As Parrish showed up to save him and gave Chris a pep-talk, we got another clue to what Parrish’s supernatural side is all about. We see his eyes turn blazing red and the first thing that I started thinking was that he has to be some form of wolf. Once again, like I have speculated before, Parrish is most likely the key to stopping the evil of season 4 so hopefully next week, we will know exactly what he is.

Let’s talk about that final scene, shall we? I didn’t think I could hate Kate any more than I already did, but apparently I can because they just took to her character to a whole new level. Never in my entire life have I ever been so terrified to see a mask being put on someone else’s face. Now I have no idea what the Berserker mythology is, but it appears that in the Teen Wolf universe you can be turned into one.

As a viewer of a lot of superheroes, sci-fi and fantasy shows/movies, it always hurts whenever you see the hero being turned into something bad and the thing that happened to Scott was no exception. I hate that he is being turned into a berserker, but I love it from a writing stand point, to see the show take on this aspect of a hero’s journey: being turned into something evil.

The only thing I hope we don’t get to see in the season finale next week is the actual transformation of Scott becoming a berserker. It was already painful enough to see him getting the mask put on him as he was screaming. Hopefully, by time we see him in the finale, the transformation will already be done, even though I hate seeing our hero in pain.

I really, really hope that Kate actually dies next week because even though she is a good villain, this act just made me hate her 110% and I don’t even care who does it, someone just needs to kill her. Here is a question for your readers out there: do you think that all the berserkers that she has had fighting for her this season, are people that she has turned into berserkers? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Overall, “A Promise to the Dead” was a phenomenal penultimate episode before the season finale as it brings everything together that we have seen this season to full circle. There are so many questions that they will have to answer next week such as: Who is the Desert Wolf? Will Malia actually kill Kate? How will the gang get Scott out of his berserker state? What in Beacon Hill’s name is Parrish anyway? Will one of our beloved characters die?

Don’t miss “The Broken Spell”, the epic season finale of Teen Wolf next Monday at 10/9c on MTV!

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  • maddy08

    You summed up excellently this week’s one hour of total mess.At least, we have finally got to see Scott doing the right thing, returning Hale’s money ( Scott is still that sweet, innocent boy from the beginning, what a relief!) But now I’m worried about him turning into a Berserker…I also hope that it is just something temporary and that he will be “cured” in the finale, because that is not the type of cliffhanger that we, TW fans expect (or deserve). I also regret Danny’s absence, but (it’s just a silly thought) what if Kate somehow got him and turned him into a berserker? That’s a way to explain his absence…not the best one, maybe not the right one…but still, one thing is sure: we want him back!

  • chrisjozo

    I agree with really liking Scott and Kira. Both are awkward slightly dorky people. I really wish they weren’t constantly depowered though. If Kira can put scott in a coma then she should be able to kill Kate. Noshiko said Scott could survive it only because he was an Alpha which Kate surely is not. Scott should have also been able to fight better against Kate.

    The really do need to do more with Mason. At the very least show him investigating all the weird stuff like Jackson did and have him confront Liam. Do not brush it off like they did with Danny.

    Parrish’s eyes were orange just like Kira’s. It almost seemed like he fed off of Chris’ anger.

    Braeden in her underwear holding a shotgun was unbelievably sexy. Also we got confirmation of what I have believed since season 2 and that is Deaton loved Talia.

    Berserker are people who gain power by wearing the pelt and bones of a bear so Kate definitely could turn him into one by putting those things on him. It might also involve a ritual of sorts as well. But just as you cant be a werewolf and a kitsune at the same time can you be a wolf and a beserker?