True Blood 7.06 Review: “Karma”

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Not a lot actually happened on True Blood this week.  No deaths, but plenty of lives on the line due to various threats.  Violet is set on taking her anger at Jason out on unsuspecting victims, while Eric and Bill’s conditions grow more dire.

Last week (also known as last night in the show’s timeline) Bill discovered he’s infected with the Hep V virus.  Jessica overhears him on the phone making an appointment with a lawyer to get his affairs in order because he’s dying.  She has to tell someone, and when she couldn’t get a hold of Sookie herself, she calls Jason to bring Sookie over to her house since it was morning by this time.

Jason can be a little dense sometimes, but how in the world did it never occur to him that Violet’s a vampire with excellent hearing?  She heard every word of Jessica’s call to Jason, and even though they don’t know that she knows about their little reunion at Sookie’s party, she’s definitely out for revenge now.  Violet’s set her sights on Adilyn and her boyfriend Wade.  She must know of Jessica’s protective nature over Adilyn and will definitely use this to torment everyone all because Jason cheated on her.

Sookie starts to feel guilty as soon as she hears that Bill is sick.  She was last tested only a week ago but a whole lot’s happened in that time frame.  For one, she was definitely exposed to Hep V blood when the rogue vampires were attacking her in the woods and she had their blood splattered all over her.  She didn’t ingest any of it, but the contact on her skin must have done the trick since she tested positive this time around.  Bill’s particular strain of the virus is spreading quickly before his eyes, and I’d assume it has something to do with Sookie’s faerie blood components.  Her fae status makes her blood that much sweeter to vampires so it would make sense that it just works faster to spread a disease.

Bill’s not sitting around waiting to die just yet.  He’s trying to get his last will and testament in order so that his estate can be left to his progeny, Jessica.  The lawyer proves to be no help, as she tries to extort $10 million from Bill if he wants to expedite the process of adopting Jessica so that he can leave her his property in his will.  It was interesting to learn that the state and governments have laws in place against vampire wills under the technicality that they’re dead.  If there’s anything we’ve learned from this show, it’s that vampires are people too.  They might not have biological children, but their progeny are the next best thing.  It’s a shame then that progeny aren’t recognized by the law to be able to inherit any assets.  Bill must have figured he has nothing to lose and he killed the lawyer with a letter opener to her neck.  She had it coming to her eventually if that’s how she treated all her sickly vampire clients.

Elsewhere, Lafayette and Lettie Mae share the same vision of Tara trying to show them something when James offered them his blood.  Lafayette has always thought his auntie is crazy but he luckily gave her the benefit of the doubt this time.  They both see Tara on the same cross that Lettie Mae saw her before, only this time they get her down from it.  She starts leading them on a wild goose chase to her old house where she grew up, and she’s last seen digging up holes in the front yard of the house before Lettie Mae’s husband Reverend Daniels interrupts them.  He’s not only mad that Lettie Mae would have drugged him to sneak out to the party, but he’s mostly pissed that she refuses to quit her addiction to blood.  What he doesn’t understand is that she may not be as crazy as she seems.  She’s not drinking it like it’s alcohol, she’s using it to connect to her daughter who has been trying to send her a message ever since she died her true death.  It looks like Lafayette has a new roommate now that Reverend Daniels walked out on Lettie Mae, but at least now he believes that she’s onto something with contacting Tara.

A few other little things happened last night.  Nicole told Sam she’s leaving Bon Temps because she just can’t take it anymore.  She doesn’t feel safe, so how would he expect her to stay and raise their yet unborn baby there too.  Sam’s conflicted because this is his home but Nicole is also his new family.  If he wants to see his daughter born into a safe environment, he should definitely leave with her.  That’s not my ideal ending for Sam but if it keeps him alive as well, I’m all for it.

Sarah Newlin got away from Eric when he stopped to rip the face off the Yakuza men about to shoot her.  He wants to have the honor to kill Sarah himself but with the new information they learned this week, his exact strategy might have changed.  Instead of popping her head off her neck, he will almost definitely want to drain every last drop of blood from her – hopefully sharing with Bill, of course.  As her sister Amber is now living proof, Sarah’s blood is the only antidote to the Hep V strain.  She drank the antidote in the midst of the vampire camp chaos last season.  What she doesn’t know is that Amber had already met Eric and Pam so it’s only a matter of time before she’s tortured into telling them how she was healed.

What’d you think?  Do you agree that this season has been pretty predictable so far?

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