Revolution 2.18 Review: “Austin City Limits”


by Lindsay Bradley

Revolution returns after a short break after the vicious (but necessary?) attack on the Willoughby re-education camp. To build up the hype for the episode, they promised a shocking death of a main character. Tensions were high as we were teased over who would die.

Neville finds Jason after searching for him and tries to get him back onto the mission of killing Monroe. Jason is having none of it and rightfully says that Julia is most likely dead already. The Patriots have done terrible things; it is unlikely that they have stuck to their word in freeing her if Monroe is killed. Jason desperately tries to talk sense into Neville, who is unable to see between right and wrong. All that matters to him is getting Julia back, and then he’ll have his revenge on the Patriots. Jason walks away angrily because his father isn’t willing to fight for him.

Jason gets into camp Monroe by holding a gun to Connor’s head, but admits that he used this tactic only to get in. He wants to join them in their fight against the Patriots because of what they have done to him and his family. In attempt to convince them he provides key information as to where the Patriots are heading and tells them to shoot him if he steps out of line. Charlie is not convinced so they handcuff him.

Rachel stays behind to take care of the wounded whilst Monroe, Miles, Charlie, Connor and Jason head off to Austin stop the Patriots conquering Texas. Here is where Jason becomes useful, as he knows the Patriots’ traps and tricks.

Monroe and Miles sneak into the retired President Blanchard’s house as they fear he is the next target, only to find him with several young women. Monroe feared that Blanchard would refuse to listen to them as most people want him dead – with good reason of course. As Miles and Monroe clarify about why they are there, Blanchard surprisingly accepts their story. He had his suspicions and didn’t think they were smart enough to come up with such a crazy story. With Blanchard on their side, it looked as though their luck was changing. Of course, this is Revolution and nothing is ever straightforward – it isn’t even surprising anymore. As Blanchard goes to get dressed, he cries out in pain. Miles and Monroe rush to his aid only to find one of the young women stabbing him – a Patriot cadet undercover.

The Texans still think Monroe is dead so when they find out he’s still alive, they are not pleased. General Carver orders the ranger who tells him this news to kill Monroe – for good this time.

Back in the cadets rented room, a cadet handler walks in and Jason immediately attacks him, which is an understandable reaction after what he had endured. The cadet handler refuses to reveal anything of consequence and taunts Jason. He asks Charlie to uncuff him and takes a leaf out of his father’s book by torturing him. Not so useless now eh?

Thanks to Jason’s torture, they discover that General Carver is the next target at the Capitol building. A large crowd is gathered outside as Carver makes a speech introducing new rangers, whom like the cadets, are ridiculously young. In a cruel twist of fate, Miles and Monroe spot one of the Patriots cadets. It is the young boy they had captured and released weeks before.

Earlier in the episode when the shopkeeper informs Charlie and Connor that their ‘friends’ are renting the room upstairs she seemed innocent enough. It turns out however that she is a Patriot and as she reads out Jason’s code, it all goes downhill from there.

With Jason activated and acting as a plan B to shoot the Texan president, Charlie follows knowing that something is wrong. As she confronts him he tries to send her away, showing that even when activated there is a part of him deep down that cares for her. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough and he fights to kill her as she is a threat to the Patriot mission. Charlie pleads with him, to get him to see sense, until she realises that he won’t stop. She has to shoot him to save herself. We see little emotion from Charlie so it was heart breaking to see her cry. As for Jason’s death itself, it wasn’t as shocking as advertised particularly over a character that hasn’t really been featured this season.

Elsewhere, our suspicions are confirmed when Aaron confronts Priscilla. She doesn’t sleep; she never mentions her kids and can hear from miles away. The nanotech finally admits that they have taken over her body for a while, just until they learn how to be human. Unlike Aaron, Priscilla couldn’t resist the temptation of living in a fantasy and let the nanotech take over her body whilst she makes French toast for her kids. The nanotech informed Aaron that they just want to feel and experience things but Aaron clearly is not convinced. Aaron has no choice but to play along to ensure Priscilla’s safety. As a way of thanks, she leads him back to Rachel.

Back in Austin the young ranger is shot by Miles just as he was about to shoot General Carver, but it is not without remorse. The episode ends as they freeze and think about the cost of the mission, the lives they have taken. To look at the character’s react to a death was much needed for a show where its characters kill others day in day out. The mixture of action and emotion worked well and made it an enjoyable episode even though they are still no nearer to defeating the Patriots.

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