Revolution 2.22 Review: “Declaration of Independence”


by Lindsay Bradley

For the last ever episode of Revolution, time is of the essence. The pressure is on to stop the Patriots and the growing threat of the Patriots. One thing is clear however, the writers were hopeful for a third season and whilst some storylines were resolved, others were left wide open.

The gang manage stop the Patriots in time from killing the Texans with mustard gas. Truman and President Davis have to run back in to see their plan fall to pieces. Truman, who is getting more desperate to prove himself, ends up shooting General Carver and his men. To make it look like they’d been attacked, Trueman and President Davis shoot themselves. The President is impressed, twice he has considered killing Truman and both times he has proven himself worthy. Plan B is still enough to go to war with California and as they explain the events to a large crowd the next day, they seem to have got away with it.

Despite this loss, Miles and Rachel are still optimistic – they did save hundreds of people after all, and feel they can succeed to defeat the Patriots. Monroe, as usual, would prefer it if they took the more aggressive approach and killed the President. Miles disagrees – he’s now a member of the good guys and thinks that kidnapping him would be a better idea. He asks Gene to head to Texas to see if General Frank Blanchard is still alive and be willing to get some men together to meet with them. With Marion gone, Miles asks Joe and his daughter to find three more townspeople who would be willing to fight. Joe says that shouldn’t be a problem with confidence, ever since the Patriots had entered Willoughby there has been nothing but trouble, surely residents of the town were beginning to get suspicious.

Kidnapping the President is too easy for the gang, even if they do hit a snag after a large group of Patriots find them. In an attempt to hold them off, Miles tells Monroe to take the President to the rendezvous point. Miles is placing a lot of faith onto him considering earlier he had declared that he wished to kill the President. Rachel and Charlie are convinced that Monroe will screw up, with good reason of course.  Yet, Miles’ unwavering trust in him shows how far they’ve come from wanting to kill each other and their relationship this season has been one of the highlights.

Elsewhere, Connor and Neville team up with intentions of killing the President, Connor is sure that his father would want the same thing but Neville knows otherwise. As they wait to attack, they realise that the gang have taken him before they’re given the chance. By following their tracks the later find Monroe alone with the President as hostage. It is something that is Connor is grateful for, as it gives him an opportunity to confront his father. Connor asks him why he remains loyal to Miles and he confesses it is because he is the only one who still trusts him. It makes Monroe want to be a better person and to make the harder choices for his best friend. Connor finds that ridiculous, and chases him into the hut. Neville catches up with him and they realise they’re alone. They find a second door only to find it jammed and with a bang behind them, they realise they are locked inside.

At the rendezvous point, Rachel and Charlie are moments away from telling Miles ‘I told you so’ when he turns up with the President still alive. They drag the President into the building as Rachel explains how she knows him, it turns out that he was Randall Flynn’s boss. She teases him for a moment until they are suddenly by Patriots. The President is relieved and shows his true colours, revealing his plans to take over Texas and California. He orders the Patriot soldiers to shoot but they refuse, the camera pans to Joe revealing that these people have joined the rebellion. He is baffled until General Frank Blanchard and his Texan rangers walk in with a big smile. After hearing everything the President said, they take him away. This scene was fantastic, Miles certainly knows how to make a good plan when provided with the resources he needs.

Therefore, Texas declares war on the United States. Texas outnumbers them making it a likely win for them. Charlie tells Miles that she approves of his relationship with his mom. Monroe is satisfied that he is on the winning side. For a moment, everything is how it should be and the show could have ended here. Yet, of course it didn’t as the nanotech storyline still remains unresolved.

The nano is furious after last week and tries to kill Aaron. The nano could have taken control of his body like the others but considering he had already fought it once, they are rightfully not willing to take their chances. Priscilla, who is still under the control of the nanotech, realises the world they’ve put her in isn’t real when Aaron and Rachel electrocute her. She doesn’t want to, but she hears Aaron’s declaration of love that gives her the strength she needs just in time to save Aaron from being killed. Unfortunately, the nano are not going to give up that easily and have decided to take things to the next level by encouraging hundreds of people to go to Idaho. Some of those recruits were Neville, Truman and the President. The final scenes of the episode show that many people had already made it there implying that they would be more than willing to escape the positions they were in.

The episode ends with this cliff-hanger and it makes sense to do so. It was doubtful that the writers would have resolved the nano storyline this season but it is also frustrating. Were the Patriots ever a real threat at all compared to this? Would the gang have been able to defeat the nanotech? A third season could have brought the show away from the gun fest and into its own and given Aaron his moment to shine. Nevertheless, I guess we’ll never know.

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