Rizzoli & Isles 4.01 Review: “We Are Family”

RI4.1Ah, Rizzoli & Isles. One of three TNT shows with the good ol’ ampersand in the name. Coincidence? Maybe, but what Rizzoli & Isles has going for it is…Rizzoli and Isles. These characters, women mind you, take a dreary procedural cop drama that has been done to death and actually makes me tune in every week just to listen to the banter and witty retorts. And the weird family drama. And the “are they or aren’t they” subtext.  Pick one.

This season four opens with Maura Isles still recovering from donating her kidney “anonymously” to her kid sister related to her by a mother who had Maura at a young age with an Irish Mob Boss. What?!

Yeah, that’s just the quick and dirty run down of that particular story line. But Maura is feeling all down in the dumps because of a lack of thanks. It was a kidney; a gift basket is kind of required. Not to mention, the only reason Maura isn’t freaking out about her fathers trial for 15 murders, is because she is more depressed about the lack of appreciation.

Jane Rizzoli had her little heartbroken several times during season 3, but for once she seemed to be letting it go and become accepting.


But that makes for boring TV, so on her door step she finds the object of her affections: Casey, an Army Vet who were told would never walk properly again and never…ahem…againBut Casey was there on his feet with a nice big “just kidding, silly smudged MRI, it’s a miracle.” Jane’s pants fly off pretty quick after that only to be told the morning after that he’s going back to Afghanistan. Jane takes it like a champ, but way to cut and run.

Oh, and there was a murder in there somewhere, too.  JFK style assassination of a female senator who was trying to be a good politician (those exist?) and uncover an evil corporation (now that’s more believable) who is poisoning children. The children!!! Various people are looked into, and a few red herrings are thrown in for good measure. But all politicians have countless websites and groups that are anti-“them”, and our senator friend is no different. Using Detective Frosts, Jane’s partner,  wicked hacking skills we find the backer of one in particular who just so happens to be related. The pretty, young senator died trying to protect the sick, dying children just so her sister could make a buck by looking the other way. Sad, Sad.

In other news, Frankie Rizzoli, Jane’s little brother, made detective! Following in his sisters foot steps, its nice to see him grab that accomplishment as he tends to be used as the runner boy. We’ve spent 3 seasons watching him try to make his sister proud, and get out of her shadow, and he did it! It will be interesting to see what happens as he was assigned Vice and not Homicide.


Maura finally gets the thanks she needs from a sister who stone cold hated her the season before, and the show ended with Maura rebuilding Frankie’s new/old bike. And because it’s Maura, she is fixing an engine with a surgical gown and gloves. The last minute we find Jane’s Mom, who lives in Maura’s guest house, coming home for…ahem…with Jane’s lieutenant. See, what did I tell you? Weird family drama. And I love it.


Jess Asher is a former soldier in the US Army and current full time student in Sociology and Womens/Genders Studies. She does contributing reviews.
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