Rubicon Canceled by AMC

Clarissa November 11, 2010 116

AMC has had quite a few hits on its hands lately, with the continuing popularity of Mad Men and the high cable ratings of its new series, The Walking Dead. Rubicon, meanwhile, debuted at the beginning of August this year and was, at the time, the most-watched original series debut for AMC. Unfortunately, the ratings highs didn’t continue and the episodes averaged around 1.2 million viewers.

The show seemed to be beloved by critics and by its fans, who praised the smart and intricate storylines, but were occasionally disappointed in its lack of action and pacing. On the other hand, that very fact had a lot of people saying that’s what distinguished Rubicon from a lot of other shows on television. AMC announced today that it will not be renewing Rubicon for a second season (the season finale aired on October 17). At the end of the first season the terrorist set off the bomb and Will figured out Spengler’s role in the conspiracy, but he received no comeuppance, so I’m afraid that what happens next will likely remain unresolved.

Today AMC said: “This was not an easy decision, but we are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a talented, dedicated team”.

What do you Rubicon fans thinks? Are you disappointed by this announcement and sorry you won’t see what happens next?

  • Mimi C.

    I think it's a pathetic decision and I'm going to avoid all AMC shows from now on. Mad Men has become boring and the zombie show is silly.

    • calm down

      Wow, ppl apparently everyone is boycotting amc for cutting one show, don't pay any attention to the other excellent shows they have. even though rubicon was the worst show on the network it's still better than most shows.

      rubicon did a great job building up suspense but so rarely had it lead anywhere. Be honest, its boring.

      and why is everyone bad mouthing the walking dead. rubicon fans seem incredibly pretentious, dismissing an amazing show just because it has zombies. how many horror shows are on tv? none really. get the "I'm too smart for a zombie show" stick out of your ass and give it a chance.

      Besides they still have breaking bad, best actor and show in years, maybe ever. the opposite of rubicon, things actually happen, the entire dynamic of the show constantly changes

  • Trotskey

    This is complete BS! I would have expected more from AMC. I will definitely be less likely to go all in on any new shows they roll out because they have lost my trust as a viewer.

  • TLL

    what the hell?

  • El Guesto

    I'm not happy.

  • Happy Dolphin

    I'm going to avoid all AMC shows from now on!!!!! I'm going to make all my friends avoid ALL AMC shows from now!

  • Anonymous

    Wow people here are a little crazy, you'd think Lost got cancelled or something. Rubicon was a fantastic show, I am pretty disappointed, but it's what you expect with niche shows. They only tingle the fancy of a certain audience type, which doesn't pay the bills. I have nothing against AMC for this, they have been pumping out quality shows for a short while now, and Rubicon was probably their best. I'm disappointed in the lack of smart viewers, because it is the amount of viewers that state whether a show stays or goes… And as this show, has gone the way of the buffalo :(

    RIP Rubicon, just dont blame AMC for it, at least they played out the full 13 episodes.

    • annoyed

      No way; AMC should have supported the intelligent viewers and kept this show.

      • Paul Anderson

        I agree that the show was well written and geared toward a thinking audience, but the problem with Rubicon, even for us 'intelligent viewers' is that it was boring at times…Most of the time.

        • Nate

          It was not at all boring. It was the most exciting program I have ever seen on TV. I guess for people who are addicted to car chases and explosions and murders it was boring…

      • Paul Anderson

        I agree that the show was well written and geared toward a thinking audience, but the problem with Rubicon, even for us 'intelligent viewers' is that it was boring at times…Most of the time.

    • aven mulholland

      absolutely loved rubicon. very smart and intricate storyline. extremely disappointed that it was cancelled by amc. please bring it back.

  • SaddenedFan19

    I'm pretty disappointed I agree with a comment from earlier, the show was just too smart for most common viewers I think. Didn't have enough action to keep them watching. However, it's much much better then the Event on NBC, which is similar with all the conspiracy junk. I was really really impressed with the slow build up it had me gripped and the finale' was incredible it had my girlfriend and I so excited for Season 2. Sad day for us.

    • cp

      I thought The Event looked dumb so I've never tuned in. I am not interested in zombies, meth labs, reality tv, survivor, etc…. but I loved Rubicon from the beginning. I agree that Rubicon was probably too thoughtful, too layered for an instant-gratification generation. But why can't the rest of us have a show like this for our own? Please!!!
      No wonder tv is losing viewers.

  • Thasensi

    WTF? I dont watch many shows but I liked the story behind this one..I enjoyed and watched every episode. The characters were all very good. It would have been great too see how it kicked off in season 2.. thanks AMC

  • Ron

    I horribly disappointed!!! I finally found a highly intelligent show that defied the action-packed Hollywood formula and gave its characters real and raw feelings. The storylines were incredibly believable and powerfully acted. I and many of my friends will be hard pressed to find any like this anywhere else. What does this say about the audience of AMC viewers?

  • Houghmp

    Very disappointed. This was a sharp, suspenseful drama unlike anything out there right now. Blake Masters is underrated genius at crafting this kind of intricate television ("Brotherhood", another underviewed classic, was his baby). Not giving it a second season leaves a brilliant storyline forever unfinished.

  • Wschneider4

    Really? AMC has The Walking Dead and they cancel Rubicon…a smart show for smart people? AMC is off my radar from now on. I am SO disappointed.

    • Paul Anderson

      Everyone is saying stuff like 'a smart show for smart people' but where is the evidence for these statements. It is likely that if we took a poll of the viewers who watch Rubicon, American Idol, and The Walking Dead, I bet we would find nearly the same intelligent levels across all three. In fact, if pressed, I would give The Walking Dead the nod on having the most intelligent viewers of the three based on those I know who watch one of the shows listed above. I loved Rubicon and hate to see it go but just because a show is conspiratorial and has intelligent characters doesn't mean that the show is watched by 'smart people'. And the funny thing about this is that 'smart people' would know that and not make these 'stupid comments'.

      • Tom Liotta

        {…based on those I know who watch one of the shows listed above.}

        That doesn't give me a good feeling about the people you know.

        I hadn't heard 'Rubicon' had been canceled since I don't follow news about TV shows. I just went searching for any info about when new episodes might be aired and found the reports. This is a terrible decision. The fact the 'The Walking Dead' will return and 'Rubicon' won't is all the evidence needed that intelligent shows can't compete.

  • Bernard

    It is very sad that a very good show which such a quality is cancel. There is no doubt that we don't keep good shows, but bad or sicks shows.

  • Wschneider4

    Obviously you should be watching a mindless show on some other channel.

  • cp

    I am disgusted with AMC – I loved Rubicon but all they want are zombies. So much for quality television.

  • Dachinoy

    Unfortunately, the plot-lines that were the foundation of Rubicon required time to develop and a lot of thought process to "follow the dots." Its overall plot and individual stories were more difficult to follow than other favorites of mine like The Sopranos, Deadwood and Mad Men (although in The Wire also got pretty complicated, with multiple characters and stories that occasionally overlapped from season to season). I am very disappointed that Rubicon was canceled because the characters and overarching themes would have been fun to follow as the details and back-stories were developed further. For me the disappointment of this cancellation is second only to the abrupt end of Deadwood after the initial promise for two 2-hour episodes to tie up a lot of loose ends. Of course, these shows are only fiction, but for me it would be like reading a great book with the last chapter or two deleted.

  • TomBurka

    I'm very happy they cancelled it. I watched the whole season and was enormously frustrated by plot threads that just fizzled out; so much was fumbled badly in that last episode that it just ruined the whole thing for me. I loved the emphasis on puzzles and mystery that the show started off with (apparently jettisoned by the replacement show runner after the first couple eps) and then the finale literally ended with a whimper.

    Honestly, so much of what happened in the last episode simply made no sense and was just absurd. You have to have some pay off in a finale, even if you're also leaving folks hanging on some stuff for a coming season.

    Those of you who still liked it in spite of its flaws, I ask you why Andy stood there like a fool while Katharine was killed, what the whole point of watching Katherine wistfully mope her way through the entire season only to die to no effect whatsoever at the end, how you swallowed the "we'll connect all the dots in two seconds with a simple database search" — I mean, really, you think the villains in this show are just so completely dumb as to not cover their tracks this way? — and the very weak final scene which resolved nothing.

    Deserved to be cancelled, I'm actually relieved.

    • Fumble

      You don't know that Katherine died. It appears that she collapses and Will runs, but you don't see a funeral or a morgue. The cliffhanger could be that she wakes up later in Season 2. Or they try to brainwash her or something.

    • TS

      The finale was disappointing, I agree, and such a disappointing ending does unfortunately sow the seeds of doubt about whether the writers know what they're doing or not. But the show overall was so smart and unique, very adult. It dared to be unglamorous and unsensational and I found it riveting until the finale, actually. It should have been given another chance.

  • Sbose

    I'm really disapppointed in AMC. Rubicon was well-written and had great acting. Itdeserved a second season. It would be great if someone else picked up Rubicon but I guess that's not likely.

  • Anonmy

    This was the best show on TV. AMC just lost my respect, this was a show that made you think!.

  • Azfansinnc

    Wow. I am terribly disappointed. It was the one new show on TV that I looked forward to each week. The writing and acting was great. Bad decision, AMC.

    Oddly enough, most of the shows I watch are from AMC, Mad Men and Breaking Bad are my other favorites. AMC has come such a long way from playing old movies, this is really a bummer…

  • Techtrolchar

    Why do they always cancil shows that have a brain ???

    • Aaron Malocha

      Well they renewed The Walking Dead and that show has lots of braaaaaaaaaaiiiiiins

  • Anonymous

    I think sinister shadow groups forced the cancellation to prevent the truth from being told.

  • Mhor

    Ah man I loved this show, it felt so grown up to the rest of the stuff on TV.

  • Evehall

    From Eve: What am I going to do? I have not enjoyed any political intrigue as much as "Rubicon" since I watched "Smiley's People" years ago. "Smiley's" was also slow-paced, but intelligent, and not simple in any way, and we have watched it over and over, enjoying it each time. I took notes on Rubicon so that I could know the characters, and I watched the episodes more than once to pick up on things I missed the first night. I enjoy a complicated story, good character development and brain stimulation. There is so much easy stuff already on TV and I am bored by it. I really looked forward to each week. Again, I say, "What am I going to do?"

  • Suilebhain

    Rubicon did not get canceled because of The Walking Dead. It had run its first season, and The Walking Dead was the next show up. However, it DID get canceled because of Dexter, which started up in September and obviously drained away a portion of Rubicon's viewers. I DVR'd Dexter, though, and was loyal to the end of Rubicon.

  • Kate Riker & Joe

    My husband and I are more than disappointed Rubicon has been canceled. Rubicon's appeal to those of us with higher than room temperature IQ must be the reason it didn't survive….not enough appeal for the 4th graders! Give us a break!! Please bring it back…give it a chance…all the folks we put on to it had no clue it existed! Give it some publicity…give it more time to catch on. We will think twice before we get hooked on another AMC program.

  • sureehamilton

    Rubicon was smart, interesting and unlike anything else on television now. That is very dissapointing as I was beginning to become a great AMC fan. Are you guys sure you polled the right demographic? Maybe you could find a reality show instead………wouldn't that be novel?

  • JoE

    VERY, VERY, VERY disappointed in AMC's decision. VERY. Rubicon was a delicious, inspired, edge-of-your-seat, smart, smart series. Looked forward to it every week it was on, and am bumming hard that it won't be back.

  • Conspiracy

    I think this just goes to show the collective lack of intelligence in the general public's TV viewing habits. Rubicon was an intelligent, well written show but because it made you pay atttention and didn't have predicatable storylines, people didn't watch it like The Walking Dead.

  • Ttpv3093

    They should make a Rubicon movie. That was a great show never missed an episode.

  • Silvercar17

    I'm gonna Miss this show……. PLEASE BRING IT BACK AMC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leehwgoc

    AMC reveals their lack of artistic integrity.

    The success of Mad Men has completely spoiled them, evidently. Apparently now, telling a story only matters to AMC so long as doing so is making them as much money as possible. Rubicon season 1 didn't climb to the same heights of success as Mad Men, but relatively speaking, it was still doing respectably well — well enough that most other channels wouldn't have immediately cut the show off at the knees like this, with its storyline only half-finished (if even that).

    I thought AMC was above the likes of the CBS, ABC, NBC, etc., but obviously I was wrong.

  • Annschex

    Let's send them a four-leaf clover!!!

  • Using brains vs. eating brains

    AMC there is something called a niche market. The audience for Rubicon
    is smaller but also extremely loyal. The Walking Dead may grab big ratings,
    but those aren’t from the same people coming back every week.
    The loyalty of its viewership is how you would sell Rubicon to advertisers.
    It is also comprised of a more intelligent, professional demographic.
    The quality of all AMC’s original programming is generally great, but getting
    rid of a uniquely intelligent series such as Rubicon is a major mistake.
    You have also soured an extremely loyal audience towards AMC in general.

  • Using brains vs. eating brains

    AMC there is something called a niche market. The audience for Rubicon
    is smaller but also extremely loyal. The Walking Dead may grab big ratings,
    but those aren’t from the same people coming back every week.
    The loyalty of its viewership is how you would sell Rubicon to advertisers.
    It is also comprised of a more intelligent, professional demographic.
    The quality of all AMC’s original programming is generally great, but getting
    rid of a uniquely intelligent series such as Rubicon is a major mistake.
    You have also soured an extremely loyal audience towards AMC in general.

  • Using brains vs. eat

    AMC there is something called a niche market. The audience for Rubicon
    is smaller but also extremely loyal. The Walking Dead may grab big ratings,
    but those aren't from the same people coming back every week.
    The loyalty of its viewership is how you would sell Rubicon to advertisers.
    It is also comprised of a more intelligent, professional demographic.
    The quality of all AMC's original programming is generally great, but getting
    rid of a uniquely intelligent series such as Rubicon is a major mistake.
    You have also soured an extremely loyal audience towards AMC in general.

  • Will miss Will

    Very disappointed!! Rubicon was my favourite show on TV and the only AMC show that I followed and looked forward to from week to week. Television needs more shows like Rubicon that are though-provoking and intelligent. Rubicon was a breath of fresh air in a generation of mindless repetitive programming.

  • Rubicon Fan

    This is such a disappointment! Rubicon is by far the best show on TV this season. I can't believe AMC sacked it. Now I have nothing else to look forward to on Sundays, very sad.

  • NorthOfTheBorder

    "Hey Hun, I have to think to watch this show… pass the remote I think Cake Boss is on. Ya, there it is.. We got any pork rinds left?

    AMC: Another Mediocre Channel. Too bad, you were on a roll.

  • Anonymous

    Best show AMC HAVE EVER DONE! Stupid decision AMC!

  • Anonymous

    "AMC. Story matters here!"

    They sure did not live up to their slogan. New AMC slogan

    "AMC. Ratings over quality!" Rubicon is the best show to hit TV in years. AMC is putting out great shows but Rubicon was the TOP of the shelf, the type of show that has "cult following" qualities to it. The type of show the grows with the years. Shame they could not see this.

  • Anonymous

    the first episode, which the article says was the most watched debut for AMC was aired on HULU. i watched it and thought it was great. intended to watch more but subsequent eps were not offered on the web. get the picture? AMC and other cable outlets need to observe the signs of the times. the internet is where television is going. HULU is a great site and they sell ads. internet viewership provides real-time market feedback for the networks. put it on HULU, people WILL watch it. or host it on
    i only watch television shows that are hosted online and im "old" (45) think about these young folks coming up. they are not going to sit on the couch waiting for their shows to come on. they'll get their television on the go with their laptops and smartphones.

  • Thomas Heger


  • Anonymous

    Well this is a bit of a drag. I saw that Caprica was cancelled, and thought I'd better check on this series too. I had my worries, because well, it's just not your run-of-the-mill series, and it demanded a lot from its audience. It took me about 6-7 episodes to even figure out what the heck I was even watching, and that's probably where it lost most people. But I'm a former LOST enthusiast, and we were the most hardcore, and patient series fans in the history of TV, and rightly so. But the one thing that sort of kept me interested, even when I didn't quite know what was going on was seeing the interestingly attractive Maggie character. Then she got sidelined for several episodes, which was a bummer. Dang it.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to thank AMC for cancelling Rubicon. The show was much too sophisticated, intricate, believable and addictive for their lineup. How could AMC expect Rubicon to fit in with the predictable and mind-numbing likes of The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad. It appears they have forgotten one of their own tag lines that "story matters here." My only hope is they have enough sense to sell the rights of the show to TNT or the like so those of us who crave a thoughtful and suspensful hour of television may continue our love of Rubicon.

  • Anonymous

    To say the least, I am very disappointed. What is wrong with you people who make the decisions? Did you ask the public who watch faithfully every Sunday! I don't like to steal someone else's comment " You deserve a 4-leaf clover". You have give each of us a 4-leaf clover when you took the show away. This is why I don't like to invest time in new series. The proven ones you might be able to see to the end. Now we won't ever know what this show was about or where it would end. Thanks alot! I won't be watching Channel 20 anymore. I don't care for MadMen!

  • Anonymous

    RE: Rubicon cancelled. Using Brains vs. Eating Brains comment below, I agree with these comments.
    AMC has done a poor job of selling a "thinking person's" entertainment package to it's advertisers. Is 2 million loyal viewers per show just not enough? I guess not. AMC has come up with some great scripts and projects, in the past, and my wife and I are loyal fans of the channel. I personally have recommended shows to others to watch on AMC. the last time I ever recommended a tv show was probably 20 years ago. AMC actually brought me back to television viewing (I am 58 years old). AMC has been successful because your shows are refreshing and different (new actors, intelligent writing) and fortunately or unfortunately, capture a niche market. Six Feet Under, Walking Dead is simply another easy non thinking person's supernatural device (done before, old news). I am surprised AMC embraced this project at all. I expect Walking Dead to be cancelled wihtin 12 months for low ratings as fans get bored with it. Loyal AMC fans want quality writing, and acting. Of course I am also a fan of Breaking Bad, which, if cancelled I may be finished as a loyal viewer.

  • Kyle Haker

    If there was a choice between continuing this show and going in the direction of walking dead, they made the wrong one. This show complements their current shows much better than walking dead, with it keying in on subtleties and character. Walking Dead is in many ways the inverse of Rubicon. A blunt instrument of gore with too shotty of acting and corny of lines to reach any level of depth. The main character is portrayed as a lone american cowboy, yet can't even pull off an american accent. It got a golden globe nod simply because Frank Derabont's name is in it, and frankly, he is overrated too.

  • Bob McGuiness

    Rubicom was a great, great show and very realistic. The networks make a poor decision when they base a show's continued existence on ratings for one season. The better gauge is the enthusiasm of the viewers because that enthusiasm will get a lot more people watching. The best gauge is of course is whether the show has artistic merit.It's a shame to think that the world's greatest artists could be condemned to the junk pile because of the public's initial reaction.

  • bob

    dumbass network. boycott AMC till rubicon is back on

  • Dave

    Thanks for ending the series with no ending! No notice! No Nothing! I finally had to Google Rubicon to find out that you bums canceled the show. Great job. I hope you get canceled!In case you can't tell (and I know you can't, because you canceled the best show) I am not happy and will no longer watch any AMC.

    no Thank You,


  • Jack

    My favorite and probably the highest brain function spook mystery thriller of the season and I don't find out its cancelled until I Google it. AMC you don't suck….you blow. Man Men sucks, cancel it and bring back Rubicon.

    • Winner

      Mad men does not suck, its amazing. I've liked everysingle show by amc so far. Rubicon was great as well, but i don't think it compared to mad men. It is smarter, but not as good of a show for other reasons.

  • DJ

    I guess the show was too smart for a general audience that watches American Idol and Dancing with the stars…. So sad!

    • TG2

      So glad I'm not alone in that kind of sentiment.. I can't get into Am.Idol except I like the little snippets here or there when Simon Cowell would just tear the soul out of someone.. now that he's gone I dodn't even bother with the clips.. and Dancing with the Stars … definately not for me..

      I remember being on the edge of my seat when the killer was in Will's apartment ready to inject him …

      Too many good shows gone… Stargate Universe was another.. killed … it would be nice if there's another uprising like there was for Farscape and FireFly … keep these companies on their toes for not realizing the fans are there.. just not quantified by that god damned neilson ratings sh*t.

  • Steve

    Now I feel like the fool. I've been telling everyone they have to check out this great new series and then this. My opinion of the general television audience continues to decline.

  • ALEX

    Stupid decision to cancel.

  • Mark

    Very disappointed at the cancellation and with AMC.  I love Breaking Bad and Rubicon as well.  I even watched The Killing last night, and for the last time I must add.  Rubicon was one intelligent show in a sea of idiocy on television and you go and cancel it and how do we find out?  I will no longer watch AMC and as for Breaking Bad?  Well. there are ways around supporting your network.

  • Jeanie

    Rubicon has been among a small oasis of intelligent TV in a desert of inane and insipid programming.  It didn't 'dumb down' to the audience and truly engaged the viewer in the dying art of critical and analytical thinking.  This is a real blow, as there is so little worthwhile viewing available.  AMC and Showtime have been sharing a rare distinction, standing above all other networks for their level of quality programming. It's a shame AMC is willing to forfeit that honor and join the ranks of network mediocrity.  AMC, you took a welcome risk in offering some great programming, so why stop now?  It's bad enough that Breaking Bad is only aired at 2am, and not available on OnDemand.  And Mad Men was in jeopardy — I hope you haven't lost that audience.  We don't even get to see Rubicon on OnDemand once more.  What is going on?  AMC, please reconsider this decision to cancel Rubicon. Please.

  • pj

    how do cancel this show?  morons.  your network could have a made statement greater than ratings.  i will not watch any other amc programming.

  • Las

    Every night I struggle to find something slightly interesting to watch on television so thank you AMC for removing one of the best,exciting and intelligent show on all the networks.Now I realize why tv is called the boob tube because the boobies are running it.

  • CJS


    I remember a time when shows were given more of a chance; those days are long, long gone. Too bad.

  • paul s

    Maybe Rubicon was cancelled by the government for getting to close to the truth or having it right!

    This is not a Conspiracy theory ….or is it?

    • MilitaryMom

      That was my first impression as well, Paul !!

  • John

    What were you frightened of AMC?

    • Nate

      I was wondering that, too. Too close to reality for someone?

  • Sol

    I really share the sentiments of other commentators here. I had to google the show to find out it was canceled too!  The only TV shows that save me from working on Sunday evening are gone.. now.. (I love Mad Men too).

    I hope they will bring it back at least for one more year to give it an appropriate ending..

  • evan

    Im not going to say im not going to watch another amc show because they still have great shows like breaking bad and the walking dead but it was still a mistake to cancel Rubicon and even though it didn't get the same ratings as both of those shows it was just as good.


    I believe AMC is blowing it with canceling Rubicon.  Rubicon is an Intel-Spook Drama thriller that takes time to capature the imagination and interest of the viewing public.  The veiwing ship would increase as the current viewers (by word of mouth) start to talk-up this series by telling their friends-and-their friends telling additional viewers.

    AMC needs to cancel the contracts of all those at AMC that wishes to cancel the 2nd season of Rubicon!  One can only wish.

  • Brett Stevenson

    Why is everyone so upset at AMC? They have put out more quality shows in the last few years than most other networks ever will….As for Rubicon, at least AMC put it out there to sink or swim. And, god bless the reality tv / singing dancing competition loving American public, it sank. Don't blame AMC, blame 99 out of 100 people you know, who are at this very moment probably watching someone named Snooki get drunk and punch someone…And for all of you who say they will boycott AMC, you're cutting off your  nose to spite your face. Boycott American Idol and Dancing with the Stars and whatever gameshow Howie Mandel is hosting these days. Educate your neighbors! Teach your children! When someone asks who your favorite real housewife is or which season of The Real World was the best – PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE!…and in the end, its just a tv show people, go read a book or build a model airplane or have one too many drinks and hit on that pretty girl you think is looking at you and smiling but really is laughing at you with her girlfriend. Better yet, go write your own fantastic conspiratorial mind bending serial tv show…and when you do, bring it to AMC to put it on the air, because Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader has your time slot on the major networks.

    • wyndfall

      Oh Brett! Aren't you clever with your witty comments about what former AMC fans should do with their free time now that their favorite show on this august network is canceled. I laughed 'till I cried.

  • Lisa

    Agree with many comments.  I just found out that Rubicon was cancelled!  I also had to google it!  I am so disappointed that AMC did not give the show more time.  These amazing shows AMC is putting out like Mad Men, The Killing, Rubicon are the best on television – why pick up these shows if you are going to cancel after one season.  Why should I continue to watch The Killing and get hooked if you are also going to cancel.   And, AMC almost did not renew Mad Men and on top of it, we have to wait till 2012 to watch the new season?  I cannot believe that Bravo is already in the 4th or 5th season of the Housewives of "around the nation" – truly trash, trash about nothing!   Disgusting what Americans are watching!!!!

  • pablo

    too bad. and you know what? I haven't tuned into Amc since the finale. I was googling to find out when he season started and found out it was canceled. Amc screwed the pooch here. the advertisements that run during that show got me to watch movies on Amc but without it, like I said, it's been 6+ months. I just changed cable networks and I don't even know what channel Amc is. the hell with 'em. I'd rather watch 35 law and order reruns a week on TNT for eternity than watch Amc. great job guys. you not only took away the dividend but bankrupted the stock.

  • karlyn

    Bring back Rubicon!!!! It's the best show on in years!

  • Sandy

    Damn! That was one of the best shows I've ever seen! I'm furious that 1.2 million viewers wasn't enough for them.

  • wyndfall

    AMC! I am so disappointed that Rubicon will not be coming back. I felt that after the brainlessness (excuse the pun) of Walking Dead that you would wake up and return to the smart plot lines and compelling pacing of Rubicon. I guess I thought your network was more than the rest of the walking dead ones out there. I'm much less likely to view programming on your network now than before.

  • Chris

    This is the price of growing success for AMC and it's too bad.. Rubicon was slow at times but was soooo compelling and a real thinking mans thriller. Hey AMC, it's never too late for a reprieve!

  • Steinism

    This is a shame! Finally there was an intelligent tv show that was mentally stimulating. Just goes to show that people are becoming in thrawled with self indulging – mindless entertainment. Pathetic!!!

  • Charlie

        Rubicon was an adult show, like a game of chess, not a video game. So now I'll sit back and watch another episode of Real Housewives Of Altoona. I really need a drink.

  • Dan

    I loved this show and believe we can get enough support to bring it back – we must try for all that agree please write , email and call -  lets make this happen !

    AMC  -   Great show – we are not ready to let this go just yet !!


    Atlanta  Ga 

  • Jonathan

    This is why TV is so disappointing now days… The country is filled with idiots – idiots who watch idiotic shows, and idiots who run companies based on the idiots and their idiotic shows. AMC: Shame on you! Idiots.

    • Mark

      Damn skippy!

  • Mark

    Dammit to hell! I just watched all these, and was telling my brother how smart the show was. I should have known, anything smart would be shot down immediately.

  • Larry

    nbc cancelled southland and tnt picked it up so maybe someone will do the same for rubicon.

  • Larry

    maybe its a government cover up

  • http://amc Barbara

    So very disappointed in AMC with the cancellation of Rubicon–please rethink this decision–such a great show and would like to see the conclusion.  Please, reconsider.

  • Audre O

    I still haven't forgiven them. Another network should have pick this up or something.  It was too good just to let it go.

  • gerri

    OMG!  I just googled to see when the next season of Rubicon starts, only to find out that it's been canceled!  WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!  Most people that I have encouraged to watch this smart, gripping show, had never heard of it.  Please, reconsider.

  • dee

    Well that sucks. I really enjoyed that show.

  • RealMad


  • Mikechicago

    I finally checked to see when rubicon would start it's second season and was incredibly disappointed to find out that it's been cancelled. It's a great show!!!! How could this network not renew this unique series. It's such a SHAME! my wife and I loved it and spoke about it to friends and family every Sunday. AMC, you've done a great disservice to your fans and yourself.

  • aven mulholland

    i absolutely loved rubicon. very smart and intricate storyline. extremely disappointed that is was cancelled by amc. please give it another try and bring it back.

  • M. E.Ditto

    I think AMC is making a big mistake! It's quite obvious that there are plenty of storylines to choose from. If AMC is indeed through with Rubicon, I hope someone will pick it up…..remember how MASH started out. Rubicon…quality storytelling !!

  • Mike's America

    I'll never watch another AMC original series again. How could I after investing in Rubicon only to find the series unfinished after 13 episodes?

    It's like selling only half a book and expecting people to like it!

  • Chris

    AMC=All Most a Channel. Rubicon was the only show that I like on amc.The person that made that call should be Canceled asap.

  • HB

    I thought AMC had integrity and vision! I am so tired of the reality shows, talent shows, and game shows. This show made you use parts of your brain you didn't even know you had! Extremely disappointed in thr executives decision here. Maybe another network will pick it up.

    • F Gagan

      Of course they would cancel a show that required some thought.

      Let's all watch shows that make you stupid like: zombies, fat guys with bad dental hygene hunting alligators, fat people crying about loosing weight, some dork taking a burbon enema on a thousand ways to die, dancing folk hopping around, real army,navy,airforce,desparate swap wives or fat guys chopping down trees or making motor cycles or arresting people or picking up cars or watch races go round and round and round. Idiots!


  • Julie

    I am completely bummed. I've been waiting to hear when Rubicon was going to start back up and just found out tonight that it is cancelled. We were left hanging! My husband and I love the show. Intelligent, witty, mysterious, so well done. We are very, very disappointed. AMC has made a terrible decision. I wonder if another network might pick it up.

  • http://tvovermind Augustus

    Here it is Sept. 2011 and we're still missing this great show. Must tell you something. I predict – viewers will no longer pay to watch garbage. All these reality shows, trash, etc., don't forget we're the ones with the jobs, paychecks so since AMC won't carter to us better let them go. Now IFC has commercials!!!!??? Mad Men's okay but it's about long forgotten times, -old hat and one man's life. He carries the whole show. I find it interesting that shows like Rubicon, 24, with intrique are being cut. This is not a coincidence. It's a trend. It's all bad and not about making money anymore…most of us would rather watch reruns of Mash/Seinfeld/All In The Family then 90% of what's offered.

  • Veronica

    Come on AMC. I agree with the others…Mad Men is getting boring, Jon Hamm is acting like a big ham, you can't live off Walking Dead alone. Breaking Bad is always redeemable, but thanks a lot for the wasting our time and interest by cancelling a great show like Rubicon. I will also be reluctant to invest myself in future AMC shows. Right when you get us hooked, then a big let down.

  • Dissapointed

    I am extremely dissapointed about that desicion… they shouldn't have stopped a nice and very interesting film as as that. The story just began to become more and more intrigue and they stopped it. At least they own the viewers the right to see the end of the story with at least one more season…

  • john

    I will no longer be watching amc this was the best show you had. why is it when even a show comes on that makes you have to think it's canceled

  • Mike

    Lets see, you have great quality programs like Ice Road Truckers, Lizard Lick Towing, Hillbilly Handfishing, Dog The Bounty Hunter, not to mention other fantastic shows like the Housewives of "where ever" series, Dancing With The Stars (or idiots if you prefer), America's Got Talent (really?), American Idol … c'mon man you all really think Rubicon had a chance. No wonder there are college students out there that can't locate the United States on a map.

  • Mulder

    October 2012 and I am still dealing with the absence of Rubicon! The story was excellent and the acting was believable. Once again, crap prevails and quality is ditched. More bread and circuses will be needed for the people!

  • Nate

    Mulder, I am right there with you. Two years later, I am STILL torn up that AMC did not renew Rubicon. Best. Show. Ever. I wish some other network would go back to it and let it play itself to the end. I would love to see two or three more seasons of that show.