Agent Coulson Will Return for Joss Whedon’s SHIELD Series

Paul October 15, 2012 3

I think none of us believed we had seen the last of Agent Coulson, and we were right! Turns out Clark Gregg is returning to his most famous role for Joss Whedon’s upcoming SHIELD series.

The news comes from The Hollywood Reporter, and his casting means he’ll be in a supervisory role to the five other main characters who have already been announced (but not yet casted).

(Avengers spoilers follow)

THR says in their piece that this means “The casting brings Agent Coulson back to life after the character died in Disney’s The Avengers,” but I’m not so sure. Do we actually have confirmation anywhere that the SHIELD show takes place AFTER The Avengers? I mean it could, and Coulson could come back to life in some magical way, but I doubt it. Once Whedon kills characters (and he does so often) they don’t usually rise from their graves.

This is great news though, as it’s a good bridge between the movies and show. If I had to guess, I bet we’ll see Sam Jackson in a few episodes, and maybe some of the other main heroes will guest star as well at some point.

  • http://None Craig

    “Once Whedon kills characters (and he does so often) they don’t usually rise from their graves.” He killed Buffy in Season 5 and brought her back. He killed Spike in Season 7 and he returned in Angel.

  • AdamPhoenix

    Life Model Decoy perhaps?

  • Danni

    Whedon has previously stated that it was not his decision to kill off Agent Phil Coulson, the studio made him do it.
    I don’t actually believe that Coulson properly died in the Avengers. The death scene seemed too brief for it to be permanent. The medical team arrives soon after, so there is a possibility of Coulson getting revived.
    Even if Coulson makes it through and survives his injuries, his actions and reported death have still contributed to the Avengers Assembling and working together.

    Plus with all the technology and special equiptment on the Marvel universe, there should be some way to bring Phil Coulson back from the dead.