Andrew Garfield To Host SNL May 3rd

andrew garfield

Saturday Night Live has had a pretty interesting season so far. They have had some good hosts (Lena Dunham, Anna Kendrick) and they have had some bad hosts (Jim Parsons). In a way, you can still fill them reeling from the loss of most of their regulars, as well as them trying to work with a slew of new writers. But, for a show that has been odd for 40 plus years, they are still doing remarkably well. And with the news that Spiderman is hosting, how can they fail? Oh wait, I meant Andrew Garfield. The dude who PLAYS Spiderman.

Yes, Andrew Garfield to host SNL on May 3rd, with musical guest being Coldplay. The thing is, with this news of Chris Martin and Gwyneth Palrow getting a divorce, is it wrong of us to hope they have a sketch (featuring Martin) mocking just that? Sorry, we can be kind of mean. I guess we should focus on Andrew Garfield.

Well, one cool thing we bet will happen is that Garfield’s girlfriend, Emma Stone, will make an appearance. You know SNL has had a lot of surprise guests lately, and that one would not surprise us at all. Truth is, the two seem oddly sweet and innocent in a world filled with people who aren’t, so we wouldn’t mind a sketch where these two played off their Spiderman roles.

No, seriously. There has BETTER be a skit where Garfield dons some Spiderman spandex, or those writers will have to answer to me. Remember, Andrew Garfield to host SNL on May 3rd, so make sure you tune it.

[Photo via Elisabetta Villa/Getty]

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