Colin Jost (of SNL) Admits Weekend Update Could Use Some Work

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When we first saw the new news anchor for Weekend Update on SNL last season, we had our doubts. His name is Colin Jost, and though he had been great behind-the-scenes of that show as a writer, his perfect hair and smug attitude seemed a little off-putting. We know that is part of the Weekend Update vibe, but usually the show would cast an actor who had already had our respect for that role. Colin Jost just kind of appeared, and wasn’t that funny. Seems he knows it, too, and he just sort of apologized for how bad last season of Weekend Update was.

In a short interview with the New York Post, Jost did his best to try to explain things from his point of view. While we were not a huge fan up to this point, at least this shows us he is aware and knows it needs to be worked on. Chevy Chase and Seth Meyers could be smug, we know this. Thing is, we liked them as players before they took that role. With Colin Jost, he just seems like the snobby guy at the Harvard bar acting better than everyone. We didn’t get a chance to like and know him enough to know if this is actually him, or him playing a role. Outside of that, it just hasn’t been that funny.

But he basically said he was feeling first season out and will be able to be more and more himself as the seasons go on. Of course, that still doesn’t tell us whether we will like him or not. Hey, at least he knows it and is trying to change. Better late than replaced, right?

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