Drake to Host SNL This Weekend: Here are His Promos

Remy Carreiro January 16, 2014 0

SNL has slowly been finding its footing again this season, thanks to a tight new cast and some great hosts. With Drake to host SNL this weekend, we cannot help but wonder what he has in store. Sometimes a rapper, sometimes an actor, seems this Saturday night he will be doing both, live on TV. So what is in store for us when Drake hosts SNL? Well, we got our hands on some promos to answer that. Hint. It will be a mix of comedy and music. Heck, you probably could have guesses that on your own, huh?

Let’s not forget, Drake got his start on Degrassi High (Canada’s superior version of 90210), so we better see a skit that flashes back to his wheelchair bound character on that show. It would also be great to see a Digital Short with some Drake rapping made funny. He did take himself a bit too seriously on that last album, so it should be cool to see if SNL pokes some fun at that, too.

For now, take these promos to tide you over until Saturday night.

Okay, I am completely sold with that “I am saddest boy in all of Canada” bit. Drake to host SNL this weekend? Yeah, I am okay with that. Judging from these promos, you should be, too.

Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images