Five Best SNLs from 2013


I’ve made it very clear to you all over the last year that I’m a fan of SNL. Have always been. I know the show sometimes flounders when they are trying to establish their new talent (which is their main problem right now), but I stay a fan. Why? Because I know SNL always comes back around. Trust me, when SNL lost Chevy Chase and Bill Murray in the 80’s, no one thought it would be funny again. Then, when people lost Chris Farley and Phil Hartmen in the 90’s, no one thought SNL would be funny again. Now, SNL has lost all its best from the last decade, and everyone thinks that again. But I know better. I know Bobby Moynihan is set to be a huge star. I also know SNL will back around again. Here are the five best SNLs from 2013 that all stand as a testimony to that.

Timberlake and Fallon

I would be a fool not to mention the most recent hosting duet by these two BFF’s. It just reminded us, sketch after sketch, of why we like this show so much. Also, Barry Gibb talk show is the best SNL sketch of all time. Seriously.

Kevin Hart

2013 was a huge year for Kevin Hart, and though his SNL may not have been the best of the year, I think the “Z shirt” sketch was one of my favorite of the year. Just went from nostalgic to insane really quick, and I have been telling people all my t-shirts are z-shirts ever since.

Melissa McCarthy

We will admit, we expected more from this funny women hosting, but the ham sketch lands it on here because of how irreverent it was. She also seemed like she was having some genuine fun hosting, which was nice to see. Some stars just look like deers in headlights on that show.

Kerry Washington

From her lampooning the ideals of SNL’s mostly white cast, to her parody of “what does the fox say”, Washington’s episode just might have been the best of the entire season. Tripled my respect for the actress as well. To my own discredit, I had no idea she was that versatile and talented (and downright hilarious).

Edward Norton

Let it be known, Edward Norton was NOT one of the best hosts for SNL in 2013. He was stiff, and just does not seem at home doing comedy. That out of the way, his “Wes Anderson makes a horror movie” sketch was not only one of the funniest and most spot-on jokes of the year, it was one of their best parody trailers, ever. Seriously.

So what do you think were the best SNL’s from 2013? Take to the comments and let us know!

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