Jonah Hill To Host SNL on January 25th

jonah hill

Jonah Hill has done pretty well for himself, huh? He started out as an extra in some great comedy movies, and then moved up the ranks slowly. After doing comedy, he has recently taken a leap into more dramatic roles (Wolf of Wall Street and Moneyball, to name a few), but still seems to have his roots planted firmly in comedy. To further prove this, Jonah Hill to host SNL on January 25th of this year. It will be his third time acting as host for Saturday Night Live.

As you guys know, I am a big fan of Saturday Night Live. I know the show has floundered a bit since it got its new cast, but we always need to give it a season or two for the new players to find their flow. So far, this season is off to a pretty interesting start. The first new host of the season will be singer/actor Drake, pulling double duty. The second show of the season will be the show Jonah Hill is set to host. Further hosts for the 2014 season of SNL have not been announced yet, but you know I will be all over it once it does. So in other words, as soon as know who else is hosting this season, you will too.

For now, we are pretty happy they got Jonah Hill to host SNL on January 25th. You know there will be some great sketches that night. Read more at TV Line.

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