Josh Hutcherson and Lady Gaga to Host SNL For the First Time


SNL has announced a new pair of hosts for the upcoming season including Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson and three time musical performer but first time host, Lady Gaga. Hutcherson is hosting November 23rd will Gaga will be a week earlier on November 16th.

Both would seem to be rather odd choices, but I suppose Gaga makes sense given her worldwide fame and recent dabble in acting (Machete Kills!). I expect at least one sketch to be a parody of one of her mind-trippy music videos.

Hutcherson, I’m not so sure about. I get that the new Hunger Games movie will be pretty big, but Hutcherson’s star isn’t  nearly as bright as co-star Jennifer Lawrence (who has already hosted). Is he well known enough to get people to tune in? I’m not sure. Nothing against the kid, but as far as young teen heartthrobs go, I’m don’t know if he’s at the top of many top ten lists scribbled inside the notebooks of thirteen year old girls. I almost said he was pretty funny in National Treasure, but he was in Journey to the Center of the Earth and I don’t know why I always get those mixed up.

Tune in for Scandal’s Kerry Washington hosting this weekend.

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