Kerry Washington Helps SNL Find Its Stride

kwsnlNot sure if you guys have picked up on this yet, but I do a sort of Saturday Night Live assessment every Monday now. My thoughts are: I’ve watched the show for twenty years, so why not? This week’s host was Kerry Washington from Scandal. While you (and myself included) may not think Kerry Washington and equate her with laughs, the reality is, she hosted the best episode of the season so far and cemented that this new cast is starting to find its place among the great SNL casts of yore.

What SNL needs to understand is, to be funny, you need to pull from all aspects of pop culture. Saturday’s episode seemed to be ware of that. Lampooning everything from reality TV to viral sketches (I did NOT expect to see a WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY sketch on SNL ever), it seems that they are managing to find the pulse and are attempting to put their finger on it once again. There was one sketch in particular that really was hilarious but being a family-friendly site I cannot name that sketch here. I can simply tell you the word house was in the title. Look it up on your own.

There was also a wonderful skit addressing the lack of diversity on the SNL cast. This also will hopefully open the door for more females of color to be on the cast of SNL (which has been a long running problem with the show) as Kerry Washington did an absolutely fabulous job across the board.

Oh, and Eminem killed it, too. Of course. That’s just what he does.

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