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Lorne Michaels very rarely does interviews. The man is an absolute powerhouse, churning out cast after cast of genius comedians for well over 30 years now on Saturday Night Live. We often winder what goes on in a man like that’s mind. Is it always going, non-stop? What inspires him? What does he look for when hiring new cast members and writers? Well, Vulture was lucky enough to sit down wit the man, and we thought we would trim that fat and give you some of the more interesting tidbits from their sit down.

One thing that really stood out to us is every Tuesday, Lorne Michaels takes the host out to dinner so they can see that person in a more relaxed environment. This is actually used to see what would be best for that particular host’s monologue. That is a cool little fact we would never known otherwise.

Also, Tuesday into Wednesday is when all the writing for that week’s episode gets done. The young writers will often work right through the night, and the older writers who have earned it usually at least go home and sleep in between.

The middle of the week is when they start the sketch and dress rehearsals to figure out which skits will work and which should get cut for the week. Later on in the week, before they do the main show, they do a test run show they also tape. Yes, They do the entire show once live for the audience even before we see it. That is to make sure the skits work with an audience and wont fall flat in front of everyone.

After that, they do the actual show, and then have their famous SNL after party that everyone has wanted to be a part of for the past thirty years. The after parties to beat all after parties. You are not someone in New York until you have been to one of SNL’s after parties. Also, he negates any facts that he is known to be hard to work for onto NBC itself, saying when he is hard on his cast it is because the NBC execs are hard on him.

Truth is, it is just nice to get some insight into the normally hidden Lorne Michaels. Or as I like to call him, my future boss.

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