We Love Jim Parsons, But Not As An SNL Host

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Let me start this off, like above, by saying we love Jim Parsons. His Sheldon character from The Big Bang Theory is as iconic a character as we can recall in recent memory, and the show would seriously lack something without his deadpan wit and keen intelligence. But, let it be known, that doesn’t mean he should host Saturday Night Live. We mean no disrespect to the talented actor, but it takes a special kind of breed to host that show and pull it off, and for whatever reason, his hosting duties this weekend were a disaster.

Anyone who reads this site should know, I am a SNL advocate. I love the show, and I probably always will. It is just programmed in me. But having watched the show my entire life (no joke), I have picked up on what works and what doesn’t. I think the first problem this weekend with Jim Parsons hosting SNL was the monologue. Singing a song about how you are “Not That Guy” in regards to Sheldon Cooper is sort of a diss to the character and show that made you famous. Also, your fan base. Even if you want to be known as Jim and not Sheldon, I think a great many of his fans took that as sort of an insult and not the greatest foot to start out on.

Next up, and most importantly, the skits were just not funny. The irony being, he was VERY MUCH like Sheldon trying to do bits. He felt a bit wooden and stiff, and they just never used his potential properly. Also, the show is in sort of a limbo with the new cast settling in, and this week did not speak in their favor.

Again, we love Jim Parsons, but just not as an SNL host. Safe to say, judging by the internet’s reaction to Saturday’s episode, either do you.

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