Paul Rudd’s SNL Was Fan Service and Fantastic

Remy Carreiro December 9, 2013 0


Did any of you guys see Paul Rudd’s SNL this weekend? As many of you know, I watch this show weekly then come here Monday and talk about what worked and what didn’t. The kicker is, a great deal of this week’s episode worked. As much as that has to do with the wit, charm, and timing of Paul Rudd, it also has a great deal to do with the guest stars who showed up to help the episode along. I knew as soon as I saw Kristen Wiig in the intro skit that this episode was going to be awesome, and I was not disappointed.

So for guest stars, there was:

Kristen Wiig

Will Ferrell

Steve Carrell

Fred Armisen

and  more!

It was like a best-of episode starring former stars from the show. It also seemed to work as a rather long Anchorman 2 trailer (seriously, enough with the advertising and cross promotion guys, its bordering on insane) with the highlight of that being a Bill Brasky sketch featuring all the main characters from Anchorman. It was a trip, a bit of a flashback, and the skit worked really well with all involved.

But this also leads to our second point. Paul Rudd’s SNL may have been great, but it did NOT sit well with one former SNL star. Tim Meadows, who was watching the episode, had a sort of live meltdown on Facebook about them not bringing him back for the sketch. Check out the juicy details to that breakdown on Uproxx, right now.

All in all, though, Paul Rudd’s SNL was great fun, and hinted that the show is getting more and more on its feet. Well, with the help of classic characters from the show, ofcourse.


[Photo via Lisa Maree Williams/Getty]