The Season Finale of SNL Was…

snl finale

SNL has had an, well, odd season. So inconsistent at times, it was hard to tell what you were watching. It seems they knew this and knew that decided to bank on a sure thing by bringing back Andy Samberg to host the season finale. Many think Samberg was the one who brought some youth to the show with his Digital Shorts, so people were pretty pumped the season was gonna go out on a bang. Well, did it? Read on and I will tell you.

The truth is, even though Samberg was in typical Samberg form, it just wasn’t meshing very well. I am a big SNL fan, and stay a fan even when they hit burps like this (which they do every five years or so when casts change), but this past season was very polarizing, and so was the finale. There was one shining example of SNL feeling like old SNL, though. It was this week’s Digital Short. In it, Samberg played a DJ waiting to “drop the bass”, and if you don’t know what EDM or dropping the bass means, the joke would not even be that funny to you. I laughed. My girl sat there in silence, not knowing what was being referenced. To me, those two reactions sort of sum up the finale.

Now it is cutting time. What that means is, they go through the cast of the show from the past season, and the unfunny souls get the chop. Expect SNL to role back into port a whole lot slimmer next time we see it.

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