SNL Hires Two African American Female Writers


SNL made moves to diversify its cast by hiring Sasheer Zamata (pictured) as their first African American female cast member since Maya Rudolph five years ago. Now, they’re going one step further by adding two African American female writers to their roster.

LaKendra Tookes and Leslie Jones have been brought on board, according to THR, and they were found as part of the casting call for minority females which was how Zamata was cast. Often times even if comedians aren’t made full cast members right away, they can sometimes start out in the writing department, and eventually move up to become a part of the cast eventually.

I appreciate what SNL is trying to do here, even if it did take its sweet time to do so. The show has been dominated by the same kinds of faces for a while now, and it really did need to shake things up. I am looking forward to seeing what Zamata and the new writers can do, though they don’t get bonus points just because they’re minorities. They have to prove themselves, and SNL is a huge, high pressure stage.

[Photo via Brad Barket/Getty]

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