How SNL Needs to Improve for Next Season


Saturday Night Live is not just a show, it is an institution. Year after year after year, they just keep churning out new bits, new skits, and new talent. But some say last season was a bit rough as they were acclimating themselves with the  mostly all new cast. There were some obvious missteps, but I think they are missteps a show like SNL would learn from every time. Having been a fan of the show through thick and thin, I thought I would share some ideas of some directions I hope they go next season on the show to get it back on track.

First things first, there is just too much new talent. Sorry, but some heads need to roll. The only way we are gong to get favorites is if you stop watering down the cast. There doesn’t need to be two dozen new cast members. That is too much, and half of them don’t get screen time anyway. Give us a solid core of players, like the first season of SNL. We don’t need three dozen comedians. Just too much to keep track of.

Next up, stop forcing recurring characters. We all know recurring character sketches never make it to Facebook. Yet the Digital Shorts they do almost ALWAYS go viral the next day. What does that tell you? Maybe focus a bit more on the digital stuff, and less on making a character you can spin off into a movie. Also, SNL needs to know, we grow to HATE those characters. They get overused and annoying. More original, more outside of the box thinking.

Last, we need to talk hosts. I have a crazy idea here, but how about you focus on getting more guests to host who would fit the show, as oppose to whoever is huge in Hollywood at the time. I would LOVE to see another Jim Carey or Justin Timberlake episode. Those dudes fit. So why force actors like Jim Parsons to embarrass themselves?

What I am essentially saying here is, it is has been four decades. Don’t you think it’s time you know your audience. These are the things WE want. Make it happen, Lorne.

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