SNL Offers An Emotional Goodbye To Seth Meyers

Can you even imagine what it must be like to be on Saturday Night Live? All the hype and the insane pacing, and the constant hilarity that is demanded out of the writers and cast. On top of that, they do a live show for 90 minutes once a week, and have been doing so for decades. Just being a part of that has to be amazing. But imagine how hard it must be when it is time to move on. That is just the scenario that Seth Meyers finds himself in right now. About to leave to go take over Jimmy Fallon’s show, he is leaving one amazing (and at times, bumpy) sea for another one. Well, wait until you see this video where SNL offers an emotional goodbye to Seth Meyers. I know I say this a lot, but it will hit you right in the feels.

The thing you think about when you think about SNL is laughter. Straight up. But you seem to forget that these people form HUGE bonds, and as easy as it is for us to see new cast come and go, can you fathom what it must be like for them? It can’t be easy. Thankfully, when you got people like this having your back, you really feel like you can’t fail. Grab a box of tissues and get ready to watch as SNL offers an emotional goodbye to Seth Meyers.

Okay, can we talk about that for a moment? How incredibly sweet and genuine was that? It seemed like he really was the coolest boss any of them ever had. You can tell when people are saying nice things because they sort of have to, and that is just not the case with this video. Sort of makes me want to work at SNL.

You guys need a new writer, right? Holla at your boy!

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