SNL Starts Lopping Heads Off Its New Cast Members

brooks wheelan

We all knew this was coming, right? That SNL  did not have the most banner season last season and that some of the many new cast members were probably going to get cut. It is just how that show works. The talent knows that going in, and the few who get to stick it out for years and years tend to know just how lucky they are. Well, it seems the dreaded axe man has shown up on the SNL lot and has begun to symbiotically drag his axe behind him as he walks around, figuring out what fat to trim. Guess who went first?

Brooks Wheelan.

Wait, who?

Yes, that is exactly SNL’s point. We would love to sit here and tell you some of his memorable sketches or characters, but he had none. People need to know, this is also probably not his fault. Some writers just get their bits and characters cut from most shows. Last season, he was that guy. On top of that, he was a new guy. So you get a new guy who SNL sees as not pulling his weight and not bringing in any heads, so what do they do? They chop off his. Proverbially, of course.

To his credit, he made the announcement on his Twitter, and seemed very humbled by the whole experience. Most of us would walk away from that bitter, but if he is, he is doing a great job of masking it.

Now we just have to wait and see if it actually makes any difference on the quality of the show.

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