This Is SNL’s Oddly Most Inconsistent Season


Sometimes, Saturday Night Live confuses me. They can have a brilliant host, and even have some great ideas, but any given episode from week to week is a gamble. I would go on record as saying this season might just be SNL’s most inconsistent season to date. Some bits are as funny as anything they have ever done (the song about staying with your girlfriend at her parent’s house for the holidays being one that was genius), yet, you also have episodes like this week. I love Charlize Theron in so many ways. Sadly, hosting SNL is not one of those ways.

But the fault does not lie with Charlize Theron. I would say the problem lies more with SNL itself, just trying so hard to find solid footing right now with so many new cast members. What doesn’t make sense to me is the desperation this show has to find a recurring character. That is why it is failing. They bring back unremarkable characters from so-so sketches in hopes the masses latch on to it, but of all the recurring characters this season, which one do you like most? This question, when fielded by living, breathing people, is always met with silence. There, my friends, is the problem with the season. They are trying too hard invent recurring characters (because show runner Lorne Michaels wants to spin them off into movies when they work) and in doing that, they are losing sight on what they need to do most.

Which is, of course, make us laugh.

[Photo via NBC]

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