Two More New Cast Members Chopped from SNL


It was a lot like right before Ned Stark got killed on Game of Thrones over at SNL right now. All the new cast members are walking around quietly, hoping their heads are not the next to go. Sadly, Winter is coming at SNL right now, and one of the things the show needs to do is trim some of the fat. Last season was not tight for the show, and sadly, this is all a part of the process when it comes to fine tuning each season of Saturday Night Live. As we told you earlier in the week, the first head was already chopped (we would tell you who it was, but you wouldn’t even know. That is how little he acted last season) and now, two more heads are a rolling.

The good news for fans of SNL is, just like with Brooks Wheelan, these two cast members will make most people say “who”? That means this will have no negative impact on the show, really. Just two more bit players who just never appeared in much and have no quotes or memorable characters we can bring up. First up is Noel Wells. She’s that girl who played, um, well, exactly our point.

The next victim of the SNL chop is John Milhiser. That dude who played the one guy in the background of that one sketch. Yeah, him. My point here is, and I apologize to both of these players for this, SNL made the right choices with their chops so far. Life is tough in Westeros…I mean, at 30 Rock.

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