Watch Louis CK’s Controversial SNL Monologue Online


What happens when you bring a great stand-up comedian on board to host SNL? Well, you get a hell of a monologue. Louis CK’s skits may have been okay, but far and away the highlight was the fact that he more or less debuted eight new minutes of stand-up material for the opening. If you’re a fan of CK, it’s like a perfect little bite-size mini-show you can watch at school or at work and stifle your laughter so people don’t think you’re slacking off.

The monologue is attracting a fair bit of controversy for the central piece Louie did on religion. While he says that atheists are dumb for outright saying there isn’t a god, that the Christian God probably isn’t the right God either. He says that it’s weird God is our “father” as that implies he did something to our mother, and he imagines that life is like a big, long weekend at dad’s. When we die, maybe we get to go to mom’s.

But for most of us, it’s just damn good comedy. You should check it out by clicking the picture above, or going here to see it on Hulu.

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