Scandal 2.20 Preview: Who Offers to Help Mellie?

scandal abcMellie Grant is the most powerful person in Washington. Although she may not have the stature in title, she sure does in influence, as it’s been her political savvy that has dug Fitz out of several potential crises and slapped a fresh coat of paint over his family man image. The Scandal First Lady has proven time and again that she’s not going to be content with being the good wife and looking the other way while her husband does as he pleases; what Mellie wants is power and she’s been acquiring the political capital ever since setting foot in the White House, waiting for a chance to use it all at once.

On the next episode of Scandal, she’ll get to do just that, as Mellie’s decided to leave Fitz and is dangling the idea of coming forth with the knowledge of his indiscretions. It would be a blow that his administration wouldn’t be able to survive, something that would undo every last good thing that he’s done while in office and be the one thing people remember about his four years, which is why Cyrus has come forth to try and talk her down. However, rather than trying to make Mellie come back to the relationship with Fitz through false promises and guilt trips, he offers to take Olivia out of the picture completely. This would eliminate Fitz’s main distraction, not only toward his work as commander-in-chief but his marriage to Mellie, and clear the path for the First Lady to come back home, but will Mellie want to team up with someone who’s very actively tried to make her look bad? Or is she desperate enough to let bygones be bygones and agree to the offer, if only until the job is done?

Elsewhere on Scandal, the team continues looking into the identity of the mole and makes a shocking discovery in the process, while Fitz orders Jake to continue protecting Olivia, who’s very much in danger since Charlie’s out there.

Scandal airs Thursdays at 10:00 on ABC.

Do you think that Mellie is bluffing about using Fitz’s indiscretions against him? What’s Cyrus’ real plan in offering to help the First Lady get rid of Olivia? How much closer will the team get to uncovering the identity of the mole?



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