Sean Saves the World Gets Five More Episodes to Prove Its Worth


NBC is desperate for one of its new Thursday night comedies to make an impact, and it’s giving Sean Saves the World more time to prove its worth. After a 27 percent ratings jump following a special results show for The Voice, NBC thinks that’s enough to give it a stay of execution with five more episodes, despite normally not-great ratings that were hinting at cancellation.

NBC has already cancelled Welcome to the Family, and while The Michael J. Fox Show was picked up with a full-season order right off the bat, it’s ratings haven’t exactly been off the charts either. In short, NBC’s Thursday night is now universally recognized as pretty abysmal, as even Parks and Recreation has been shoved off to January.

I remember when it was a solid block of awesomeness even just a year or two ago with 30 Rock, The Office, Parks and Rec and Community. Now we’re down to two of those, and they’re both permanently in limbo. But the good news is, even with relatively bad ratings for both, NBC is so desperate to keep anything with a fanbase, however small, that Parks and Community will likely be able to live on for quite some time.

Have you seen Sean Saves the World? Does it deserve more episodes to showcase its potential?

[Photo via Chris Haston/NBC]

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