Shameless Season 3 Teasers: Living the American Dream

Shilo Adams November 23, 2012 0

Shameless Season 3Fiona Gallagher is used to having to work. Whether she feels like it, whether she likes the job, or whether she has any idea the direction her life is going, the Shameless matriarch has had to get up and go ever since her mother left and hasn’t stopped going since. Although you had to be proud of her for accomplishing something that she didn’t think would ever happen last season in getting her GED, the taste of success and the allure of a potentially “normal” life would undoubtedly prove too much for her and she’d want to do more.

On the next season of Shameless, Fiona will be confronted by a major difference between herself and Jimmy; while she has to keep at it and worry about the financial situation of the household, Jimmy doesn’t have that type of ambition, which could have to do with his privileged background. In trying to distance himself from his parents, Jimmy (subconsciously?) rejects the idea of conventional success and doesn’t want to turn into the two people that he grew to despise in his younger years, hence the lack of drive. Plus, there’s a complacency that comes with familiarity and with him finally winning back Fiona at the end of last season, he’s decided to rest on his laurels a bit. He can’t afford to do that now, though, and may ultimately pay the price through losing Fiona to a growing ambition and new opportunities that stand within reach.

The third season of Shameless premieres Sunday, January 13th at 9:00 on Showtime, followed by the season premieres of House of Lies and Californication. Guest stars for the season will include Jake McDorman and Bradley Whitford, among many others sure to be sucked into the Gallagher orbit.

Will Jimmy and Fiona be able to work out their issues and keep their relationship together? Do you think that Fiona has already outgrown Jimmy, despite how long she pained over their break-up and him being away? How did Frank end up in Mexico and will he be able to earn his way home?