Rumors Abound That Sherlock Will Return For Christmas Special


The time between seasons for Sherlock fans tends to feel like years to them. Like they are stuck in proverbial quicksand and the more they fight, the longer it takes. Who can blame them for feeling that way. It is an amazingly well-scripted and well-acted show full of stars, turns, and surprises. Well, we we have another big surprise for fans of this series. Something we mentioned awhile back as only being a rumor seems to be something is actually true. So what are we talking about? Read on to find out.

Seems like Sherlock is going to have a cool, in-between seasons episode for Christmas. So, in essence, yes, Sherlock is going to have a Christmas special. There is some bad news associated, so don’t get too excited. They are talking about airing it in 2015. So in a way, we are giving you fans good news. But we are also giving you bad news, because Christmas 2015 is pretty far away. Keep in mind, most of this is speculation from Martin Freeman, so how true this all will come remains to be seen (and will not be seen for a year and a half). But he spoke to the Telegraph a bit about it and seems quite confident in what he is saying.

The irony here is, this is now an actual mystery on Sherlock himself can solve.

[Photo via BBC]

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