Season Three Trailer For Sherlock Is Here

Remy Carreiro December 9, 2013 1

Benedict Cumberbatch has the coolest name in all of acting. He really does. It just sounds so, so British. So really, who better to play a modern version of Sherlock Holmes than someone with a name that is just as cool? We have some good news for the fevered fans of Cumberbatch, as the season three trailer for Sherlock is here, and it is looking divine. We get snark, we get mystery, and we get British sensibilities. What more could one ask for?

I suppose I could sit here and tell you how awesome the season three trailer of Sherlock looks, but I will just let you see for yourself.

I will admit, I was one of those people who was slightly skeptical of the premise of Sherlock when I first heard it, and I will also be the first to say just how well written and well executed it is. Season two had some juicy twists, and the season three trailer is showing us this brilliant yet devious show is only primed to get better and better the further it goes.

Seriously, though, the best part of the trailer for me was seeing Bilbo Baggins with a 70′s era mustache. That makes this go from a must-see to a MUST-SEE.

  • Nick Ramsay

    Totally taxed the shot of London from Skyfall!