Sherlock Season Three Premiere Draws 9.2M Viewers in the UK


The first show back in the New Year was Sherlock, right on January 1st, premiering its third season which would hopefully answer the mysterious question, how did Sherlock fake his own death? According to ratings, 9.2M people in the UK tuned in to find out, more than the 7.5M of the first season premiere and the 8.8 of the second. In all, Sherlock pulled in 33% of the audience for its timeslot that night in the UK.

As for the show itself, I watched it and found it quite funny, more so than usual, though me and every other fan was still left wondering how Sherlock faked his own death by the end. Several explanations were offered up throughout the course of the episode, but it was implied that all of them were false, even the one given by Sherlock himself in the end. I have to wonder if the show will ever truly reveal the mystery decisively, or if Sherlock’s death will be a running joke, a problem that no one ever manages to work out.

Like so many others, I wracked my brain for months to figure out how he might have survived, but I couldn’t come up with anything that made sense. The explanations given weren’t really satisfying either, and I truly do wonder if Moffat EVER had a definitive answer for the question, or if he was always going to leave it up to speculation. If so, I’m sort of disappointed, as I thought the show was smarter than that.

What did you think of the Sherlock season three premiere?

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