Watch a New Sherlock Mini-Episode Ahead of Season 3

Paul December 26, 2013 0

There’s nothing happening on TV in 2014 that I’m more excited about than the return of Sherlock on the BBC. I blew through the first two seasons in two days, and ever since, I’ve been counting down the days until season three arrives.  That date? January 1st. Those Brits love airing shows on holidays. Just ask the Doctor and his recent Christmas special.

The BBC has now released a new mini-episode to get us all even more excited for the return of Sherlock. It seems to be a new tradition with them, and the mini-episodes have proven to be pretty monumental, as evidenced by the one that aired before the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special.

This one tracks the probably return of Sherlock Holmes as he solves cases all over Europe and Asia. Or at least, it seems like him. All the main cast members appear in some form or another, and you won’t want to miss it if you’re a fan. Check it out above.

What do you think season three will be like? Can it possibly live up to the hype after the blockbuster first two seasons?