The Real L Word Renewed for Season 3 by Showtime

Shilo Adams November 3, 2011 31

Showtime has announced that The Real L Word has been renewed for a third season of nine episodes. The show, which had been solely based in Los Angeles, will be adding New York to its repertoire when it starts production again next year. The Real L Word aired its second season finale this past August.

Created as a sort-of spin-off to The L Word, The Real L Word follows a group of lesbians in Los Angeles as they tackle many of the same problems their fictional counterparts did. The show underwent a massive cast overhaul following season one, only retaining Romi and Whitney, and casting is currently underway for season three. It’s unclear which women from season two (Francine, Kacy, Sajdah, Romi, Cory, Whitney, and Claire) will be kept on the show going forward, however.

Do you think The Real L Word has been a reasonable replacement for The L Word? Who has been your favorite cast member thus far? What do you hope changes between season two and season three?

  • Porsha Feldman

    My favorite characters are definitely whitney, rose, and romi. Everyone else should be replaced for the next season, and more fun lesbians should be a part of it. The Real L Word is definitely better than the scripted version, because these are real lesbians with entertaining lives instead of just a good tv show with good writers behind it and with a good cast.

    • brooke


  • namzi

    I adore Whitney and rose needs to return.. this show is amazing its real, funny, shocking and exciting and shows dhat its really like being a lesbian.. i heard NY is involved in the casting thus year. Even better !

  • Sarahphina

    I love the Real L word, I also love The L Word. I Feel they should keep both, But I can't wait for season 3!!! They should keep both going! I just got my mom hooked on both shows lol

    • Anna

      Unfortunately The L Word was canceled in 2009. :/

  • Beem

    Ladies I am sure you would all agree there needs to be A LOT MORE SCARLETT.

  • megan

    I love Whitney!!!! and i completely agree, there needs to be alot more Scarlett!!! I also adore Kacy and Cori, they are hilarious and of corse we need to find out if Cori gets prego!

    For season three, I would love to see a super sporty girl! like a pro athlete even. Surfer girl would be hotttttttttt! just my 2 cents

    • Holly

      Cori is prego! Check out their Facebook page :) She's almost 6 months I believe!

  • Aimzbo

    I think you should send them down under to Australia! To have all sort of naughtiness down here! But fun girls would be good

  • Gabriela Terrazas

    I want Cory and Kacy to stay!! Not only do I like them as people and I think many people can agree with me when I say they are extremely funny, but also I believe that their struggles when trying to making a family, is a situation that many lesbian couples can relate to. I personally, am curious as to how they overcome their obstacles whether they choose to continue to try to have a baby via artificial ensemination, adopt, or if decide that they do not need to have a baby to make their marriage successful. Once again, I REALLY hope Cory and Kacy stay on the show, I wana know what happens!!

  • Jasmin

    Whitney HAS to stay!!!!!!!!!!! she is the main reason y i actually watched season 2!!
    For the third season i think they should get cast back from season 1!Rose, Cory and kacy are really interessting and funny! ;D

  • Hannah

    I want Whitney to STAY!!!! She is the ONLY reason I watch the show!! Yes I think this is a good replacement for the Lword. I loved the L word and miss it but this is real life its really good to see people who dont have scripts.

    • ann

      I think Romi should stay. She’s so gorgeous.

  • cynthia

    I want Sajdah to stay. That story is the most real of them all. My English is not good so maybe you see some mistakes in my writing

  • kai

    not rose or sajdah. rose treated her girlfriend horribly and sajdah is just way way too intense

    • Soto

      Ttly agree!

  • deb

    i think whitney/romi should stay and cory an kacy because they show how a couple can really work. also bring rose back she is such a i love sajdah her coming out and showing it all on tv is so good.

  • Anna

    I like Cori and Kacy, keep them! Also, Jaq and Christianne are both super hot. Bring 'em back!

  • Kylie

    Definitely keep Romi, Whitney, Corey and Kaci, Sarah, Scarlett, and maybe bring back Rose.

  • kelly

    Whitney rocks. Reminds me alot of myself when I was her age, love love love grab ing ass is what I lived for. So you see the girls are not exaztly like my life but I can so relate. There real and that’s what I like.
    Whitney your precious(smile)

  • Kj

    Is this all that our lives as lesbians are about? Sleeping with as many women as possible and drama? I miss the L word. The characters had substance and still partied and had fun. I’d like to see women who have to work everyday and the perils that most lesbians actually go through daily. Yea Whitney is hot but let’s be real, I don’t know many 28+ year old hair stylists and make up artists who live their lives. I know teachers, junior executives, students. I’d like to see our demographic be represented. Whitney has degrees and all we are shown is her lackadaisical behavior and relationships with fickle women. I want more substance.

  • Gabrielle

    I think Whitney should get naked more offen (:

    • sayguh


  • wmd

    The real L word needs more story behind it. I'd like to see different lesbians from several different states be able to show their relationships/lives. The Real L word seems not very realistic. It's certainly not the norm for lesbian lives; but maybe that's not the goal/direction of the show. It was great throughout the L word series to be able to watch each character grow and mature and see where life took them. Whitney in the Real L word seems cool but the constant womanizing gets old fast. I don't want to wait a week between each show to see her just hook up with different girls, it's a turn off. Romi just wants fame. I'd like to see better substance and morals. It'd be great to see a lesbian balance a family and how they are received within society.

  • Valerie

    My favorite cast members I would have to say are Claire, Francine, Rachel, and Tracy. Haha. I hope that in season 3 Claire isn’t shown to be the bad guy again. She clearly had friends that all got along with her in New York so…yeah. I would also like to see how Rachel is doing now, is she sober? Also, I would like to see some more of Scarlett and not a whole lot of Sajdah.

  • Yashira

    Cori & Kacey need to stay. They portray a very real struggle for lesbian couples and the trials that come with trying to have a baby. Their story isn’t one often seen depicted on television and it is inspiring. I will not be watching Season 3 unless they are cast.

  • Emily

    Obviously Whitney will be kept on the show, but they should also allow Sara, Francine, Romi in season 3 also not forgetting Rachel Rodriguez, she changed the show alot and can be a leading example to women dealing with the same problems. Plus shes gorgeous.

  • Niki

    I want everybody to stay accept the chick who was dating the chinese chick I love this show can’t wait until it returns

  • BlackRadFemme

    If Sadjah doesn’t stay they should replace her with another Black lesbian. We are not represented. I’m so tired of seeing White or Euro-Hispanic lesbians. Let’s see some African lesbians!

  • Jackie

    they should keep Kelsey!! :D