A Report from the HBO/TechCrunch Silicon Valley Viewing Party

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While I’m still adjusting to the time zone change after traveling across the country, my time in San Francisco has been nothing but excellent.  The weather has been awesome, the food delicious, and getting to attend a Silicon Valley finale screening hosted by HBO and TechCrunch wasn’t so bad either. After some snooping around on the internet, my brother discovered that the event was happening within a 10 minute walking distance from our hotel room, so once we figured that out, it was a guarantee that we would try and secure tickets. For a moment, all seemed lost when we discovered that the viewing party was sold out; however, with just 40 minutes to spare, Reddit user calbear81 (who is a really awesome hero!) came to the rescue with two tickets for my brother and I to watch the show’s final two episodes in the first season back to back on the big screen.

As I stood in line waiting to enter the theater, people were buzzing with excitement about getting to check out the finale of Silicon Valley’s great first season at an official event and also in a movie theater, which was something I’ve never experienced either.  Everyone slowly shuffled in after getting their tickets scanned and took their seats until the episode was about to begin.  After some welcoming words and a surprise raffle for some sweet Silicon Valley gear from the TechCrunch and HBO representatives, the episodes aired one after another with what seemed like non-stop laughter from the entire audience.

If you’re looking for episode reviews, you can find them from Chris right here, but after the finale the TechCrunch and HBO representatives ushered everyone out of the theater and directed us across the street for an after party with some drinks on them at the very luxurious Press Club in downtown San Francisco. Although the after event was just a couple of quick drinks, the entire screening seemed to be set up around Apple’s huge San Francisco conference, WWDC, which starts today (what perfect timing). It was a smart marketing move on TechCrunch’s side to set this screening up with the WWDC conference, literally, next door, because I’m in the heart of the show’s source material so what tech junkie wouldn’t want to attend? It was actually really neat; I met people from Twitter, Oracle, and many other big companies that are actually featured in Silicon Valley, and all were raving about the show because of how true it is to the culture and people in the industry. While there is no such thing as a “Weissman Score,” everyone seemed to fill me in about how cringing-ly true the TechCrunch Disrupt scenes were with all of the awkward performers spitting out the same generic claims like how their apps will “make the world a better place.” Hilarious.

Even though there was no surprise cast Q&A or an appearance from Mike Judge (don’t worry I never truly expected either of these to happen), it was definitely a treat to watch Silicon Valley on the big screen in the exact area that the show takes place. Thanks to TechCrunch and HBO, I was able to sling back a few drinks and chat with some really interesting people and get a feel for how much love the show is receiving after a strong first season.  In the end, I felt lucky just to watch the finale with my brother, but attending my first official viewing party was a very awesome addition to my vacation.

Once again, I would like to thank TechCrunch and HBO for hosting the event and commend them on how fun and well run the entire thing was.  Otherwise, I’m about to go visit the real Silicon Valley today (for real), and while I know it doesn’t exist, I’d be lying if I told you I won’t be on the lookout for the Hooli building all day.

Let me or Chris know what you thought about the Silicon Valley finale!  Did you enjoy how the first season finished up? Were you, by chance, at the same screening as me last night? Let me know in the comments!

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