Sleepy Hollow: Ichabod Crane Gets A Dad

Remy Carreiro December 3, 2013 0


I will admit, Sleepy Hollow has impressed and surprised me. The show looked like it may have had a premise that would run thin pretty quickly, but the show has gone in a direction I think none of us saw coming. It is very much like a new X-Files , with two wildly different people brought together by circumstance and made to solve creepy cases involving monsters, demons, and killer, oh my! The show knows when to laugh at itself, and when to scare us. It knows not to take itself too seriously, and that is where the fun starts for the audience. Good news for fans of the show. Seems Ichabod Crane is finally getting a Dad. Good news for TV fans, too, as he is a beloved actor you may recall.

TV Line has the details, but it seems Victor Garber is coming on board. To those who may only know him by his work, he was the “Dad” on Alias for many years. As of right now, it seems they are saying that he is only in one episode, but we doubt that would get as well-known an actor for a part they intended to use only once. We will first be introduced to Father Crane on Sleepy Hollow with a flash back. We will see Ichabod reflecting on better days (when he was in his actual time period) and we will get to see some Father/Son interactions between the two Cranes.

I loved Alias, so I am so on board with this choice. What are your thoughts?

[Photo via Bennett Raglin/Getty]