Kurt Sutter Wants to Work With Aaron Paul, and Vice Versa

kurt sutter

Aaron Paul on Sons of Anarchy? That appears to be the internet overreaction of the day to a series of tweets from Kurt Sutter and Paul yesterday, but perhaps there could someday be truth to it.

When Sutter was asked about an actor he wanted to work with, he said Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul. The internet took that to mean that he was cast in season seven of Sons of Anarchy, and might show up as say, Jax’s long lost brother.

Paul joked around with Sutter about the idea, but perhaps the two will actually be able to connect and make something happen.

As much as I love both SOA and Aaron Paul, I think his appearance might detract from the other actors if he’s just showing up out of the blue for the last season. Perhaps he could do a cameo like Joel McHale did a while back, but that was a little odd as well frankly, given the recognizability of the actor.

Whatever the case, these two should definitely connect somehow.

[Photo via Twitter]

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