Kurt Sutter to Write John Teller’s Manuscript After Sons of Anarchy Wraps


Sons of Anarchy has one more season  in it after this one, I believe, but creator Kurt Sutter isn’t willing to let it go quite so easily. He’s just taken to Twitter to announce that he’ll be writing John Teller’s famed manuscript for the series, The Life and Death of Sam Crow.

The manuscript was of pivotal importance in earlier seasons of the show (spoilers follow). It was Jax’s father John’s journal of sorts where he rethought his life as a criminal. In it, he says that he wants to get the MC out of guns, and he suspects his friend Clay Morrow will try to kill him for doing so. Eventually, Clay does, sabotaging his bike, and this revelation is the driving force behind the Jax/Clay conflict from past seasons. John’s presence hasn’t been felt quite as heavy this past season, though Jax has now taken to writing to his own son the way his father did for him.

I assume that Sutter will release this as some sort of literal book  (or ebook, loose collection of parchment paper), though I have no idea how long it will be. In the show there are quite a few letters that add up to the manuscript. Though many have already been read out loud on the show, there are likely a lot more blanks to fill in.

It took me about three seasons to figure out who this “Sam Crow” character was…


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  • Jess

    Samcro means Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original.

  • Ricky Loftis

    yeah..there is no “Sam Crow”. It’s SAMCRO. Just an acronym.