Sons of Anarchy Gingerbread Cookies For the Win

Remy Carreiro December 23, 2013 0


When you think of Sons of Anarchy, what comes to mind? Violence and bikers and tough women and even tougher men. You think about shoot outs and long hair and denim vests and just overall, well, anarchy. You don’t often connect Sons of Anarchy with Christmas. It is just not something you do in your brain. Well, someone did, and it is awesome. Presenting, Sons of Anarchy gingerbread cookies. Christmas and bikers. Who would thought?

Yes, our minds are as blown as yours right now.

Uproxx went so far as to call them the Crumbs of Anarchy. That is pure brilliance. The place that made them is called Cakes By Erin (right here in my home state of Massachusetts) and this is the closest you will ever come to eating any of these guys alive. Think about it. What would be cooler than showing up at Christmas with some Sons of Anarchy gingerbread cookies?

Honestly, nothing. Unless you are showing up at a rival club, then it could be the kiss of death. The only thing we can say is we hope they taste like gingerbread and not motorcycle grease and three day old beer.

Image via Facebook