Sons of Anarchy Mega Spoiler for 5.03 “Laying Pipe”

Danger is in the air everywhere you turn on Sons of Anarchy, from Charming to County, where Tig, Chibs, Jax, and Opie are heading straight into a murderous Damien Pope’s trap.  With all of that danger, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that someone is going to die soon—but it might surprise you to know that someone is going to die next Tuesday, and that we now know who the potential deceased will be.  EW’s Lynette Rice   broke the spoiler and the list of potential candidates, but we have our own opinion on who might be meeting the reaper.  By the time Sons of Anarchy 5.04 “Stolen Huffy” airs on October 2nd, one of these six will be dead:

Unser – He’s investigating the break-ins and I gotta say, all subtle indications indicate these break-ins are being committed by the Nomads.  If Unser solves the case, he may find himself in need of silencing.  Chance of death: 6 out of 10.

Tig – Why do I think this is too obvious?  Somehow I don’t believe Damien Pope is done torturing Tig, and he needs him alive in order to do that.  After burning Tig’s daughter alive, Pope may have targeted Chibs and Jax to be killed before Tig to compound his sorrow. Chance of death:  2 out of 10.

Clay – Get out of town.  So not a candidate for death.  Clay has too much story juice left to die unexpectedly.  Killing Clay would be a stupid story mistake at this point, and this show just doesn’t make those kinds of mistakes.  Chance of death: 0 out of 10.

Juice – I love Juice, and have spoken with Theo Rossi and find him to be a great guy, so I say this with all love:  Juice is not significant enough at this point in the story to get killed.  He’s gone through hell and back, and very much starting from a clean slate.  The time to kill him effectively has passed, he’s too peripheral at this point to waste a death on.  Chance of death: 1 out of 10.

Opie – Again, I just don’t buy this as a possibility because Opie has so much more to do in the story.  He’s in the midst of his character’s darkest journey, and his inner Son has emerged to pledge his protection to his fellow SOA brothers.  On the other hand, Opie’s death would be a huge catalyst for transforming Jax.  You could say that Opie, Jax, Tig, and Chibs have entered the ‘Underworld’ phase of the story, a sort of archetypal plot point where the heroes enter an existential or literal dark world and emerge changed and prepared to face the enemies that at one point seemed unstoppable. The death of Opie would certainly fill Jax with rage.  For that reason alone I give this unlikely Chance of Death 5 out of 10, because it WOULD be a huge twist.

Tara – Okay. Here we go.  Let’s face it, none of us want to see it, but killing Tara now would be extraordinarily effective, particularly since she just got married to Jax this week.  It would certainly evoke the Shakespearean level of tragedy Sons of Anarchy is so known for, and frankly previews for “Laying Pipe” suggest a conflict between Tara and Gemma full of threats of death of one or the other.  Maybe too obvious, but like Opie since it would come with such great foreshadowing and setup, and would no doubt be a game changer,  I have to give Tara a 6 out 10.

So there you have it.  Unser is our choice for the Sons of Anarchy death-pool.  I hate to say it but Unser has really become a more and more peripheral character since he was booted from the Charming PD. Dayton Callie is wonderful to watch on Sons of Anarchy, but I have a hard time thinking of him as much of a player as the season goes on.  I think who kills him is going to be the big shocker, but we’ll all have to tune in to Sons of Anarchy “Laying Pipe” Tuesday, September 25th at 10PM on FX to find out.

  • Ken

    I disagree with you. I think it’s going to be Opie that shakes hands with the Reaper this Tuesday. It just seems to be Kurt’s style. Opie has no more faith in SaMCrOw, he puts himself in harms way again in order to protect the one thing he has left, Jax. Kurt has said before that Opie is a vulnerable and morally centered character which is not really a good thing to be in this type of environment. I think Opie will end up dead in Jail trying to protect Jax. Not only does it fell like Kurt’s style but that just seems to be the way life works. I hope I’m wrong because Opie is by far my favorite character but I have a feeling he will be the one to go. Anyone else agree with me or do you think I’m wrong?

    • Jon Lachonis

      I actually do think Opie would lead to a better story line. So I give it even odds. Tara would be apocalyptic. Unser, though, would be the one that nobody would feel bad about leaking. lol. If it ramps up the guesswork further though: to my knowledge no one in the press received SOA screeners.

    • Bob

      I agree with you. I think Clay will come back in some form, and the lie of Piney’s death will be kept easier with Opie dead.

  • Joanie

    I think you’re wrong. I think it will be Tig. He was Clay’s right hand man and up and until this point, he has done nothing but all things wrong since season 1. It’s his time to meet his maker. Killing Pope’s daughter is his biggest mistake. He had to watch his daughter die, I’m sure he’s going to get something awful coming to him in prison.

  • Sunny

    Tig. lost one daughter, 2nd daughter hates him, in prison. killed popes daughter. theres hit on him .the other 5 would affect the show to much.unser would be a good one but he is the only one giving the SAMCRO any heads up all the time. it would throw the show off.But who knows, ha

  • Melissa

    How come nobody has mentioned Chibs as a possibility. I think the person to die has got to beone of the guys to go into lockup. We all no its not gonna be Jax. I think Opie has more story ahead of him and he is important to Jax to take the club in the direction they always dreamed of. There could be a possibility it may be Tig but I jist dont see his character is done yet in Charming. I think its gonna be Chibs. It would be a loss but his character really has had his ark already. Guess we will find out soon!

  • Hannah

    Well it’s not Tig because he has filmed episodes later in the season (with the introduction of Warren). I personally hope it’s Tara. She’s so incredibly dull, it’d be a breath of fresh air and maybe kickstart Jax a little more.

  • Mel

    It can’t be Opie as he filmed later episodes where he gets new girlfriend, Tig is sticking around for another while and Clay and Tara, if they were going to die it would have happened last season.

    So that leaves Unser and Juice and I think Theo filmed more episodes so my guess is Unser. I’ll be sad to see him die, and I assume he’ll be murdered by either the Nomads or whoever they are working for for getting too close to finding out its them behind the house break ins and attacks of SAMCRO families.

  • Aaron

    I’ve read tones of SOA stuff on here and I’ve seen spoilers video clips. The only thing I’ve heard is that Chucky will go very early in the season. I don’t think it’ll be any of the big guys. Maybe Otto since he moved his death date up last season. Possibly Uncer, but doubtful anyone else.

  • Brittany

    I have watched tons of stuff and I think it is Uncer. A lot of the clips still show stuff with other characters like Tara. I agree that there are scenes with Opie in them that we haven’t seen, Clay is too much part of the story with the birth and wedding certificate, Tig would be to easy for them to write that he got killed in jail, and Juice it just seem’s that the threat from Roosevelt is just the beginning of him holding it over his head for information.

  • MM

    I think everyone just HOPES its Unser.
    Too many women with broken hearts if one of the “sons” goes.
    Clay, like someone said, seems like he has a new strong story with the nomads and stolen safe.
    Could be Otto. Sutter is big ego head enough to consider himself a “major” character.

  • mm

    If its Chucky,like Unser, would that be a big enough deal to cause all this speculation?
    Then Sutter is just messing wit cha.

  • jefho

    I really think it has to be Chibs or…..Bobby. Two reasons for this. The first is with Opie back in the fold they have to make room for him at the head of the table with Jax. The whole story has been leading up to Jax and him running the club. The second reason is that neither have a story line to follow. Either could be killed without a major change in the current story arc. I know no one thinks bobby is in danger, but with the jax and tig in jail and clay out of commission maybe the nomads make a play to take over samcro? I definitely see sutter doing something like that. Anyone else think its possible?

  • mm

    Yeah, I could buy that jefho.
    But this whole thing reaks of desperation.
    Its a cheap tease, like Sutter is desperate for more viewers or something.
    Cant see a producer/writer on a show like Breaking Bad etc making sure this death threat gets all over the net and garners attention.

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