Suburgatory 2.21 Sneak Peeks: The Rift Between Tessa and Dalia Widens


suburgatoryAlthough Dalia has been considered the “mean girl” on Suburgatory, most of her venom was reserved for put-downs and jokes at Tessa’s expense. She very rarely, if ever, channeled her annoyance at the new girl in town into action, if not for a lack of motivation than for her budding friendship with George and the desire to keep her mother happy. However, once Tessa inadvertently came between Dalia and former hook up Jenna, all bets were off and the Chatswin High Queen Bee decided to use her stinger for once.

On the next episode of Suburgatory, following Tessa’s breakup with Ryan, the rift with Dalia has widened. While Dalia has been using Ryan’s name (and legwork from the KKK) to get Tessa to move her locker into the janitor’s closet, Tessa goes to Dallas to get any information that could help her win the war, only to end up with a plate of spaghetti at The Ziti Zone. Considering that they’ll be a blended family soon enough, Dallas believes that Tessa’s sudden inquiries into what makes Dalia tick is a sign that she wants to know more about her soon-to-be housemate, but if things don’t resolve themselves soon, the Royce matriarch might get a firsthand view of the tension between between the two young women.

Elsewhere on Suburgatory, telling Tessa about the cohabitation plan doesn’t go as well as George and Dallas hoped it would, while Noah continues to obsess over Carmen, even though she’s still dating his psychiatrist.

The first part of the two-part Suburgatory season finale airs Wednesday at 8:00 on ABC. You can check out a recap of the most recent episode here.

Is Dalia justified in going after Tessa after what happened with Jenna? Will George and Dallas end up living together, even with Tessa not reacting in the best way? What will it take for Noah to give up on the idea of being with Carmen?

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