Suburgatory 2.14 Sneak Peeks: T-Ball Techniques and Teen Romance

Shilo Adams February 17, 2013 0


SuburgatoryEver since getting together earlier this season on Suburgatory, Tessa and Ryan have been through a lot as a couple and like George and Dallas, they’ve managed to make it past each obstacle – a herpes scare, a tooth extraction, major holidays. Ryan seems to want something more serious with Tessa, a change from the typical way he handles dating, while Tessa has managed to drop her guard and allow herself to view people from Chatswin in a less judgmental way. But what happens when she decides to pass along relationship tips to anyone who crosses her path?

On the next episode of Suburgatory, Tessa has let her relationship success get to her head and anointed herself as the relationship guru of Chatswin High. Once she sets up an unofficial “office” in the girls’ bathroom, she begins dispensing the wisdom acquired from her time with Ryan, even to those who might not be looking for it. Included in that is Mr. Wolfe, who Tessa informs of Chef Alan’s alleged plan to hook up with Chef Norman, only without any concrete evidence to back up her claim. While it’s admirable that she wants to help other people with their problems, perhaps Tessa will learn that sometimes it’s better to focus on your own relationship and let others run their inevitable course.

Elsewhere on Suburgatory, Dallas and George join forces to coach a t-ball team, only their ideas of what exactly that means greatly differ, while Noah and Dallas are still at odds over what happened with Carmen.

Suburgatory airs Wednesday at 9:30 on ABC. You can check out a recap of the most recent episode here.

Is Tessa the right person to be educating the people of Chatswin in how to maintain a relationship? Will George and Dallas work out their differences on the diamond and guide their team to victory? How do you feel about the lack of Tessa/George stories this season?