Suburgatory Spoilers: George Worries About Tessa’s Sex Life & Tessa Runs for Student Government

Clarissa February 1, 2012 0

Suburgatory Episode 13ABC’s Wednesday night comedy line-up – including Suburgatory – have been on hiatus for a few weeks. Fortunately, the show returns with new episodes on February 8, just in time for February sweeps. What’s coming up next on Suburgatory? George is going to be very worried about Tessa’s sex life and Tessa decides to run for student president against mean girls Kenzie and Kaitlyn. ABC has released synopses with details for two upcoming episodes:

Episode 13 “Sex and the Suburbs” (Wednesday, February 8): Tessa enjoys rubbing it in Dalia’s face that Scott Strause chose her over Dalia. However the closer Tessa gets to Scott, the more nervous George becomes. When George discovers a box of XXL condoms that Lisa has given Tessa, he becomes obsessed and starts planning game night with her friends in hopes of keeping her at home more. Meanwhile Tessa soon discovers that the more time she spends with Scott, the less attracted to him she is.

Episode “The Body” (Wednesday, February 15): When Tessa realizes that she’s failing gym class, she decides to run for student body president in hopes of changing Chatswin High’s obsession with sports. During the election, Lisa steps in as Tessa’s campaign manager against Kenzie and Kaitlyn. Meanwhile, Ryan is injured during a wrestling match and finds himself mourned by his family, and George takes Ryan under his wing and introduces him to people who have moved forward from setbacks.

Suburgatory airs on Wednesday nights at 8:30 p.m. on ABC.