The Five Companies To Watch For on Super Bowl Sunday


Seeing that it’s Super Bowl Sunday in just two days, we’re guessing that everyone is excited about the big game as we are—OK, so maybe that’s not entirely true—considering that not everyone’s as big of a sports nut as we are.

Still, whether a football fan or not, we guarantee that you’ll be watching the game.

Why? Because of the commercials.

And since we gave you some of the best Super Bowl commercials ever last week, we’re hinting at the companies that you should keep an eye on to dominate the airwaves throughout the game on Sunday.

[Photo via Kris Connor/Getty]

5. Axe

Guys like football. Naturally, there will be plenty of men who will be huddled around the couch watching the Super Bowl on Sunday.

That’s probably why the body scent company, Axe, will be blasting out as many ads as humanly possible—because, on top of enjoying hard hits on the gridiron, guys like to smell good, too.

Seeing how it last year’s campaign—which was a contest to win a trip to space after releasing its Apollo scent—we’ll probably see something similar this year.

4. Heinz

Only the second spot the condiment company has ever put out during the Super Bowl—and first in 16 years—expect a few out-of-the-box surprises from a place known for its ketchup.

This full ad actually was released yesterday, giving a few viewers a chance to see it early, and, as one might imagine, it heavily relies on the pounding of the 57 on the side of the bottle—seeing how that’s the best way to get ketchup onto your food.

3. Budweiser/Bud Light

We’ve already seen the teasers that the beer company has put out there for fans to look at before Sunday’s game, so now we’re hyped to get the real thing.

Anytime a company can mix in big stars into their ads—like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Don Cheadle as Bud Light has—it usually ends up being a good thing for the company.

On top of that, Bud Light annually has some of the best each game.

2. Beats Music

There’s a reason why Beats by Dre headphone commercials have been all over the TV since the start of the NFL Playoffs—because they plan on rolling out the red carpet during the Super Bowl.

Highlighting some of the young, up-and-coming stars in their previous commercials, the company will be rolling out its new app that, they hope, will challenge users to give up on Spotify for.

Who knows if it will work, but it’s a bold move during the biggest stage in television.

1. Pepsi

This one might be a bit obvious considering the soda company not only always reps themselves well at the Super Bowl, but because they are the main sponsor for the halftime show as well.

Unlike a few of the previously mentioned companies, Pepsi opted not to give a teaser commercial in preparation of their main spots on Sunday. But that doesn’t mean what they produce isn’t going to be entertaining—especially since there has been word that it will somehow (naturally) incorporate hype for Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers on-stage.

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