Watch the Best Super Bowl Commercial of the Night

There were many memorable commercials last night at the Super Bowl, but the most popular and fan favorite of the night is one that many people saw ahead of the big game.  It’s called “puppy love” and is from none other than Budweiser, forever known for their memorable Super Bowl commercials.

In this one, they combine their famed Clydesdale horses with puppies, which is an obvious recipe for success. A puppy ends up being friends with a horse, but when his owners want him to leave, the other horses don’t want him to go. It’s touching, and has nothing to do with beer, but people voted it their favorite all the same.

You can check out nearly all of the Super Bowl ads over at Hulu here who has them organized in a neat little player for you. What was your favorite of the night? Did you end up staying up until 4 AM tweeting out #EsuranceSaves30 so you could win $1.5M? Let us know in the comments.

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