Jared Padalecki is Loyal to Supernatural…So You Should Be Too

I have to admit, my Supernatural preference has always leaned towards Dean Winchester/Jensen Ackles. But it’s like Jared Padalecki is unconsciously campaigning for my love by posting adorable photos to his new Twitter account (@jarpad) and just being awesome (plus, I kind of feel sorry for him since something obviously happened to his iPad and I wouldn’t wish that kind of pain on anyone).

So clearly the only real solution is for Jensen to bite the bullet and join Twitter too so that the both of them can battle for my affection. But until that happens, let’s celebrate the fact that Jared recently won Next Movie’s poll of TV stars who should become movie stars. He beat out Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev and Chuck’s Yvonne Strahovski, among others. Of course, this is not shocking. After spending enough time in this fandom, I would actually dare the internet to put on a poll that Supernatural fans didn’t end up winning (seriously, internet, I DARE YOU). What’s nice is that Jared gave Next Movie an interview where he too acknowledged the loyal dedication of Supernatural fans and assured us that he wouldn’t be leaving the role of Sam Winchester until the show came to its final episode.

In other words, as long as the fans are willing to watch the show, Jared’s going to be there playing Sam. “I’m a Texas guy, and the good and bad of that is that I’m always, first and foremost, loyal. If it weren’t for “Supernatural,” I wouldn’t have a lot of the blessings that I have today, so I’m going to play it out. I’m going to give it my all. I’ll be with the cast and crew for the remainder, as long as the fans want us on the air and the network obliges.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to have a movie career someday. And he’s definitely young enough that he could stay on Supernatural for another few seasons and then hit the big screen. Jared particularly admires Tom Hanks’ long career: “I really like Tom Hanks’ career. It’s hard not to like his career. There are a lot of actors that I really love to watch, actors who I have fun watching — I think Johnny Depp is phenomenal. But I wouldn’t want that career as much as I’d like a career like Tom Hanks — he kind of represents the everyman. It’s difficult to watch a movie with Tom Hanks and not feel like you’re experiencing with him as much as watching him. I lean towards him. And everything I’ve heard from people in the business is that he’s a really genuine, respectable, grateful guy. I’d love to work with him as much as someday have a career like his someday.”

Oh, and if they ever came knocking on his door with a script for a Gilmore Girls movie? He would totally jump on that.

So, the moral of this story is that Jared Padalecki is loyal to Supernatural. And he’s a nice guy. So all of us Supernatural fans should probably put down our swords (check out the comments on one of my recent articles about Castiel) and embrace one another while we read Jared’s Twitter.

Season 7 of Supernatural will be premiering on The CW on September 23.

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  • http://mcase1013.tumblr.com Marilyn

    Jared has always beenmy favorite, though I love Jensen too. He seems like such a sweet, down-to-earth guy, and kind of goofy and dorky as well, which only endears him to me.  I am very happy for his success.  Also, I agree with you about Internet polls featuring Supernatural.  There is no poll this fandom can't win for out boys!!

  • Lucky

    Love this article. Absolutely agree with everything in it. Supernatural fans are the most dedicated I've ever seen in ANY fandom and, trust me, I've been a fan of A LOT. The boys and their relationship are the sole reason I watch. Don't get me wrong, I love Bobby and Cas and think that Jim Beaver and Misha Collins, respectively, are both phenomenal actors and I love them but they are absolutely not why I stay glued to the show. I am totally addicted to Sam's under-the-surface innocence and Dean's guard-dog persona and could care less if they decided to weed out a few of the, in my mind, more minor characters. To each their own, but I just cannot understand it when people say that characters like Cas are the reason they watch. C'est la vie, I guess =D.

  • http://donnagaff.wordpress.com/ trackerem

    thanks clarissa for just bringing out the BEST points of Jared Padalecki!! He may change but right now he seems to truly be a kind, down home kinda guy who does care about supernatural!

  • Bill-ie

    ITA Lucky, the brother Winchester are the reasons why I keep coming back to SPN, even after a brief hiatus period from TV during season 4.  Like if Bobby gets killed off, sure I'll be alittle bummed but definitely keep watching as long as Dean and Sam are hunting and saving lives.  I'll take your word about the SPN fandom.

    As for Jared, he was the first hook and so his Sam has always been my favorite.  Naturally Jensen's Dean won me over too, can't have one without the other.

  • ken

    I'm glad Jared is loyal to SPN, that means it'll go for at least 10 seasons. haha that would be awesome, make it go for ten seasons! then end it during season 10, and have a 2 hour series finale! that would be epic. :D