Snooki Heading to Supernatural?


Supernatural is an awesome show. People may have thought it was a cheap X-Files clone when it started, but many seasons later, those people are proven wrong. Supernatural just gives us that “spooky stories” vibe we all liked so much as kids, and carries it over with pop culture references and some damn good writing. They also have a tendency to cast pop celebrities and cast them in, well, unlikely scenarios. You guys do remember the Paris Hilton episode, right? Pure genius. Well it seems the Winchester boys are about to get another  dose of that sort of satire, as we have Snooki on Supernatural, coming soon. Come on, you don’t have to like her to know that this is probably going to be awesome. Heck, hating her will probably help.

So really, what can you even say about Snooki on Supernatural? It shows the level the show fires off on. You can bet she will be some kind of ancient witch, or shape shifting demon. Maybe she will even be, well, her. They have done episodes before that bled into the real world, and I am uber curious to see just how they use her. We know nothing, except the episode with Snooki on Supernatural will air March 18th of this year. More over at TV Line.

Wow, a day after my birthday. Man, note to self: survive your birthday this year. Good shows are on the next day.

[Photo via Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved]

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