Supernatural 8.14 Teasers: Kevin Has a Tablet Breakthrough

Clarissa January 23, 2013 12

SupernaturalA synopsis has been released for a mid-February episode of Supernatural and it looks like we’re going to be getting a peek at the tablet story in greater detail.

In “Trial and Error”, Kevin finally accomplishes his goal: “Kevin (guest star Osric Chau) deciphers the tablet and figures out how to close the gates of Hell. He tells Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) that according to the tablet one person must face a series of three tests designed by God. The first one – kill a hellhound. Sam and Dean argue over who should complete the trials.  Kevin Parks directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb.”

Now this is an unexpected development: a series of trials that the boys must complete in order to accomplish the tasks on the tablets.  Of course God wouldn’t make it easy.  But challenges like this could lead to a wealth of terrific episodes, particularly if the trials involve some difficult challenges (ie. personal sacrifice).  I’ve enjoyed the tablet mythology immensely this season, but I’ll admit that I am eager to see the story progress so I’m happy that we’re going to see some development on this rather soon.

Don’t miss this episode of Supernatural on February 13 on The CW.

  • Crowley_Gal

    I think this sounds terrible. If there are three trials why can’t the show include both Sam and Dean? Whatever brother does the trial (and I would place the odd at 99% that it will be Sam) the other is just pretty much the cheerleader and chauffeur.

    If there are three tasks why can’t the show give one to Sam, one to Dean and let them do the third together if its really a show about both?

    • Percysowner

      I think this time it will be Dean who does the tasks. Fans have been clamoring for Dean to get a mytharc for years and he really is due one. Plus, it will allow Dean to overcome some of his fears if he is able to kill a Hellhound. I have no idea what they will do with Sam, resurrect Amelia perhaps and send Sam off screen, but I think the three tasks are on Dean.

    • Clarissa

      I’m not sure why you assume that they won’t do them together or switch off on them. Or that the other one can’t help. We don’t know what will happen.

      • crowley_gal

        It says right in the description

        “He tells Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) that according to the tablet one person must face a series of three tests designed by God.”

        That basically makes one brother pretty much unimportant in the plan to close the gates.

        • Percysowner

          Yeah, it pretty much sounds to me like one brother is going to be standing on the sidelines.

        • Clarissa

          Even if only one brother can complete the tasks doesn’t mean the other one is rendered useless. Even if one person isn’t actually *doing* the task doesn’t mean that they’re not helping. Not only that, but let’s remember that there is more than one tablet, which means that there are likely more trials. Which means there’s a good chance that one does one set of trials and one does the next.

          I’m not really sure why it has to be a competition. They’re both important to the story. What if one of the brothers gets into trouble while completing a task and the other has to save him?

  • Amy

    Sounds like Purgatory was Deans training ground for these specific tasks. Maybe Sam will be the one to close the Gates of Heaven.

    • Clarissa

      That Purgatory reminder is an awesome point! Actually, it would be a great twist if Dean were to close the gates of Hell and Sam were to deal with Heaven because that’s the opposite of their roles in the apocalypse.

  • marie

    Heh, this season is really firing on all cylinders for perpetuating epic brother versus wank.

  • Percysowner

    One question. An earlier article said 8.13 was by Ben Edlund entitled Everybody Hates Hitler and will be shown Feb. 6. Is Trial and Error actually 8.14 and there was a typo from the source?

    • Clarissa

      Sigh. This is actually an annoyance, but I’m glad you brought it up because I think I FINALLY figured out the problem. When the CW emailed us the synopsis of the Edlund ep, it was labelled 8.14. I thought it was just a typo at the time, but “Trial and Error” was labelled as 8.13 and I didn’t realize it until just now.

      So basically what that means is that they either screwed up BOTH episode numbers or they’re switching up the air order for them (which they did all the way back in season 4 as well, if I’m not mistaken). No big deal, necessarily, but “Trial and Error” definitely airs after the Edlund episode.

      • Percysowner

        What a mess to decipher. Good to know the order of the episodes at least.