Supernatural – Angels or Devils, Who Should Win?


Now that
Supernatural has deservedly been renewed for a ninth season any speculation about what they might be facing on the ‘long road’ is just a tad more real, particularly with the high stakes of this eighth season.   Let’s do a quick review:  we have a Demon Tablet which could help the brothers lock the demons out of the realm of mankind permanently, and we also have an Angel Tablet out there that could help their arch enemy Crowley (Mark Sheppard) rid the Earth of Angels.  So which of these scenarios would work out best for the series in the long run? There are several different outcomes that could take place, let’s review:

The Demons are expunged.

So in this scenario, Sam presumably completes God’s obstacle course and the Demons are cast out from the Earth.  The ramification for the story aspects of Supernatural are many.  Demons intersect with witchcraft specifically—you might even say they ‘empower’ it—amongst many other forces of evil.  It’s hard to imagine what the global impact of deadening the primary force of evil from the world would have.  Would this mean that Sam and Dean would face more natural world supernatural forces in the coming season? Nessie and Bigfoot types, with fewer hardcore evil foes?

Of course this could be an opportunity for the Supernatural writers to explore more paganesque avenues of evil influence, developing stories that delve into Celtic folklore, and the like.

On the other hand, Supernatural could explore Evil as less of an abstract than a metaphor.  They have in the past, and in fact with the Benny story arch they are doing so in a big way this season.

The Angels are expunged.

SupernaturalIf Crowley succeeds in casting the Angels out, does he really obtain that much more of an advantage?  At present it seems like the Angels are reduced to a more militant force meddling in his dealings at best and not organizing any kind of offensive to rid the world, or the Universe for that matter, of Crowley and his Demon ilk at all.  Of course the most devastating impact of Crowley succeeding in locking the Angels out would be the loss of Cass, and he is such a fan favorite it is unlikely the Supernatural producers are in any hurry to get rid of him.

The other interesting angle to this is that Angels have never really represented a reliable force of good on Supernatural.  This is in keeping with the deeper metaphorical struggles of good and evil, of course.  Good has always been much harder to define in the Supernatural universe than Evil, with the permutations of the ‘Greater good’ device often muddying the waters.

There is no firm indication, for instance, as to whether Amanda Tapping’s Naomi is a force of ‘good’ as it relates to us humans, but she is certainly acting on the behalf of some faction of the Angels.  (?!).

Angels or Devils?  Who Should Win

Either outcome spells major changes for Supernatural on the long road ahead, but it almost seems the easiest to adapt to would be this: both sides win.

With the early introduction of the Men of Letters arc, it could be that the Supernatural braintrust has a more significant game changer planned for Season 9 that draws from barely explored new mythology.  Beginning the descent down the Men of Letters rabbit hole kind of felt suspect to me from the beginning.  It feels a bit like … indoctrination.  Will the Men of Letters bunker ultimately hold secrets relevant to the currently overarching plotline?  Perhaps, but it seems more likely that it sets the stage for what comes after the wrapping up of what has become a well-worn overarching storyline for Supernatural:  the battle between Heaven and Hell with Mankind caught in between.

I’d propose that at the end of the day, neither side will gain a perfect victory, allowing those fan favorites we talked about to continue to be involved in Supernatural’s future, but in order for Sam and Dean to embark into a new unexplored mythology that could sustain the series for however long, it’s time for the Angels and Devils to suffer a setback.

  • Dilys

    All I know is I will no longer watch Supernatural without Cas. He’s my favorite character and as much as I love Dean and Sam, I’m not interested in a Supernatural without him. So I’m hoping if the gates of heaven are closed somehow that Cas rips out his grace and becomes human. Team Free Will all the way!

    • anne

      This is exactly what I think. No Cas = No SPN. I’ve already decided that several weeks ago. But I think writers are more intelligent than writing him off.

      • Clarissa

        Anne – if you read the article you’ll see that Jon achknowledges that Cas is a fav favorite and that there’s a solution where both sides can win and characters like him and Crowley can still stick around.

        No one is suggesting that Cas gets killed.

  • anne

    Is this question serious?????

  • Elis

    The biggest mistake SPN could do is getting rid of Castiel. I mean, that dude’s popular. Not to mention how awful message they’d send if Cas actually sacrificed himself while being suicidal. They have really underused him this season, sadly.

  • Anja

    How about NO, NO and NO? Did I mention NO?
    I’ll tell you one thing, this is why it’s good that journalists don’t write the episodes.

    • anne

      It’s good that journalists don’t write episodes and it is not good journalists are this biased on their articles…

    • Clarissa

      Anja – did you read the article? Because I’m not sure why you’re so against it since you provide no explanation. If you’re upset at the possibility of the disappearance of characters like Castiel and Crowley, then reading the article would reveal that both sides could win AND fan favorite characters can still remain on the show. I see absolutely no cause for concern here if you read his suggestions.

  • Rosa

    Castiel is my favourite character on SPN.
    And I think Crowley is amazing.
    So this is my answer.

    • Grace


  • Grace

    Castiel is my most favourite character. THE END. There’s no SPN without him, and Crowley is badass. I agree I’m so glad journalists don’t write episodes. Logic /facepalm

    • Clarissa

      Grace – did you read the last paragraph here? Jon’s final theory is that both sides win while still allowing fav favorites (like Castiel AND Crowley) to stick around.

  • Alex

    I believe getting rid of angels and demons would be a horrible idea, the mythology still has a lot to offer and has given us some of the best characters.
    About Cas, I’d like to point out that he is not just a fan favorite, but also someone Dean and Sam care about a lot, and the show needs that. Team Free Will is the best part of Supernatural.

  • Jon Lachonis

    Hmmm just to clarify, I don’t advocate getting rid of Cas, I just think SOME Angels and SOME demons stranded without the power of their full realm is better than Apocalypse 9.0.

    • Dahne

      I 100% agree. We already did angels vs demons and they were both too powerful for the very human story of Dean and Sam Winchester. By limiting their powers we put the focus back on the brothers being heroes where it belongs.

  • Clarissa

    Lin – I think you completely missed Jon’s sentence where he says that both sides “win”, but that fan favorites (like Castiel) CONTINUE ON THE SHOW. In fact, it’s there in black and white that he says that getting rid of angels forever would get rid of Cas and he doesn’t believe the writers would get rid of such a popular character.

    So at what point did he suggest getting rid of Castiel? At no point. I have no idea why you’re angry about something that wasn’t actually proposed.

  • Dahne

    I hope the gate to heaven is the first to be closed, although I would prefer it to be the brothers that do it instead of Crowley. The angels have always been douchey and they need to go. Closing heaven’s gate does NOT necessarily mean getting rid of Castiel. Instead it would likely mean cutting him off from heaven’s powers so that he would be basically human without the ability to be a “get out of the writers’ corner free” card. I think that would be a huge plus. Unless of course Misha gets his own TV show somewhere, which he richly deserves. Then it would be a plausible way to finish off his character.

    I don’t think the gates of hell should be closed until the final episode of the series, however long that take. It gives the story a great symmetry in that they started this with demons and the can end it with killing Crowley and then sealing hell off. I really want Crowley snark until the very end.

    By the way, clearly reading the article shows that the author is NOT promoting the scenarios, just exploring them. People are taking offense where none has been given.

  • Michael

    I think that after Sam and Dean lock up Hell forever, they (not the demons) should lock up Heaven as well. After all, Heaven turned out to be a pretty crappy place — everyone is locked in his/her own private heaven where they relive their the happy memories over and over and over again. And let’s not forget that 99.9% of the angels are “dicks with wings” who want to restart the Apocalypse.

    If Cas is on earth when Heaven gets locked, then he’s trapped here with us — there’s no passage in or out of Heaven. Same thing with Crowley and Hell.

    The biggest problem I see with locking Hell is that Adam is still trapped down there. I would be against the Winchesters’ blood code to lock their brother in Hell forever.

  • Alcippe

    A lot of you commentators didn’t bother to read the article nor did you bother to answer direct questions from Clarissa. It’s rude and uncalled for and sadly something that is happening much to frequently.

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