Supernatural: DJ Qualls’ Garth to Return in Season 8

Supernatural Thanks to the actor himself, we know that hunter Garth will be making a return guest appearance in season 8 of Supernatural.

DJ Qualls, who first played Garth in the episode “Season 7, Time for a Wedding” in November 2011, later reprised his role in the late season 7 episode “Party on, Garth”.  A wiry hunter, Garth endeared himself to Dean in particular, thanks to his quirky ways (although we’re not certain Dean is a huge fan of Mr. Fizzles).

Qualls confirmed the news himself last night, tweeting “A week from today, Im heading back to Vancouver to play with my buddies @jarpad and Jensen. Some exciting stuff in that ep. Can’t wait.”  Based on the current episode being shot, we’re wagering that Garth will be returning in either episode 8.06 or 8.07.  Unfortunately, we don’t have any details yet on the plot and why Garth reunites with the Winchesters, but we’re going to assume that hilarity ensues.

Supernatural returns for its eighth season on Wednesday, October 3 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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  • Emma

    Might be an unpopular opinion, but I am not excited for this. I’m just not a Garth fan. I feel like the writers are trying way to hard for a laugh with Garth. I don’t want a character around simply for comedic relief…everything about the Garth character seems forced and over-the-top. I just didn’t find him amusing.

    It is a shame too as DJ seems like a super cool and hilarious dude. Crossing my fingers the writers tone it down a bit with Garth for this episode.

    • Clarissa

      I think the problem may also be the fact that Garth was introduced in an episode that wasn’t all that great and then re-appeared in a episode that I felt had some wasted potential. If the episode is very solid, then you may feel different about his presence (just a thought).

      • Supersheltie

        I agree Clarissa….there were a few moments in both episodes where I laughed out loud, and sometimes that’s not a bad thing. “You’ve been Garthed” probably was one of those great one-liners that stick with you.

        I’m just completely baffled why we are so spoiler-less when obviously there are several episodes in the can for the next season. I realize they are being secretive, but this poor Supernatural fan is having serious withdrawal…..

        Any help here would be appreciated! :)

        • Clarissa

          I really wish I had spoilers to give you! Everything I know about the new season, I’ve posted on the site or read elsewhere. I think they’re trying really hard to keep it underwraps because they’ve going with a sort of “new plan” this year with a new showrunner and it might spoil a lot even if some little details are released. I’m anxiously awaiting a promo and wish it would hurry up and get released!

      • Emma

        Haha true. Neither episode Garth appeared in were SPN’s finest. It is possible that I am placing undeserved blame on Garth for those two below par episodes.

        But still. I can’t help but see Garth as a gimmick.

        • Clarissa

          Personally, I think he has his moments, and there are other times the character goes a bit too far. Sort of like people’s complaints about Crazy Castiel. But I’m willing to give him another chance in a third episode, since we know the first two weren’t as great as they could have been (although, I may be the only person who didn’t hate “Time for a Wedding” as much as mostp people).

        • Nics

          That’s exactly how I see him… it’s as if suddenly SPN think its viewers need the comedy to be ‘in-your-face’, it never has been and it’s worked fine. I actually think Garth is bad for the show!

  • Nics

    Oh hell no, not him!!! I agree with Emma. He’s just not funny at all! He’s way too obvious and over the top, I feel he doesn’t fit in at all with the usual kind of Supernatural humour which is generally dry and sarcastic and often delivered via Jensen Ackles who has amazing comic timing and a million brilliant facial expressions to go with it! Garth, well he doesn’t even raise a smile from me. I hope he’s not back for more than one episode!

  • Sheri

    I’m in the ‘Oh, hell no, not him!!! camp. Garth comes off as a village idiot wannabe hunter who can’t be taken seriously. The 23rd episode last year was wasted on Becky. I feel this year that 23rd episode will be wasted on this stupid character. Vaudeville slap stick humor on SPN doesn’t do a thing for me. Why in the world would they kill off a character like Rufus and keep bringing Garth back?

    • Clarissa

      The show has definitely killed off some very, very memorable characters (Rufus among them). I think it’s regrettable that they’ve done it because it leaves the SPN university pretty barren. That’s probably why they’re bringing characters like Garth back. I don’t love every moment of his scenes, but I have found the character amusing on several occasions. I’m interested to see how his character will fit in with Carver’s Supernatural versus Gamble’s Supernatural.

      • Sheri

        I am all for populating the hunter’s community and for broadening the SPN-verse, but not with characters like Garth. I loved Ghostfacers, because those characters were cleverly contrasted wannabe hunters to Sam and Dean, who were at the top of their game. That episode worked well in doing that. Calling Garth, the village idiot, in to help Dean on a hunt diminished hunters in general, as opposed to showing how good Dean is supposed to be. Even in the Pilot, it was shown that Dean was quite capable of hunting alone. To be aided by Garth when Bobby was unavailable made him look like he always needs help, even if it turns out to be a bumbling idiot. Actually, even Becky was more competent that Garth has ever been. I wished Carver would have chosen to develop new and interesting characters instead of doing the old home week crap again.

        • Supersheltie

          It is quite possible that since the last time we saw Garth he has “matured” a bit….that is to say, less annoying?

          Carver has a new game plan and Garth just might fit in somehow even if it is just as backup for a big show down with something that a lot of hunters will be dealing with. Grasping here I know, but I would like to think that Carver could develop this character into something better.

          I didn’t despise Time for a Wedding as it also gave Jared some great comedic scenes to play, and he did them well. Jensen is the better commedian, but Jared didn’t do too shabby. Becky is well, just Becky. Shout-outs to Chuck are always welcome.

          We also have pretty much ZERO meaty spoilers, i.e. Castiel, Purgatory, Crowley and Meg. There is very little coming down the pipeline about what we really want to know, so throwing us Garth spoilers is also annoying.

          I am waiting to see what Carver has up his sleeve….and I’m betting it’s good!

  • cas ryan

    um excuse me while i dont care i mean they kill off great characters like rufus ellen jo and john but they keep this guy alive?? something is definitely wrong with these people

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